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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



Ok great amazing now I understand. Can I put the switch to a6 instead of d4?


Think you mean d instead of a. But the problem by doing that is then you need to change something in the code


No I mean a6.
If I find the code that defines d4 I can just put in a6 instead no?


I actually dont know the answer for this. im not that good at coding. But i know that the a ports is analog ports and they are different to the d (digital) ports. If it is possible i do not know :confused: :slight_smile:


Ok thanks anyways for all ur help. Really appreciate it. If anyone knows the answer please let me know.


No problem, glad to help :slight_smile:


The reason why I’m asking about the d4 is because I’m getting the adafruit feather nrf52 module which doesn’t have any d


Ahh i see. Theres probably some clever minds here to answer that question :slight_smile:


Pretty sure someone was saying that bluetooth isn’t a great protocol to use for these remotes because of possible interference from everything around you. The NRF52 uses Bluetooth LE, but I think the same problem still persists…


It does but it also is compatible with nrf modules


It takes 2 months to get all the things I need. It takes 2 hours to build.

The trigger switch was little pain to get them fit right.


@Deakbannok Did you make it leftie?


Anyone have an answer to my question


yesi am goofy


Did you just flip the stl files? if so did the display still fit?


So I’ve been staring at the pinout for the feather, and honestly, unless you’re prepared to be going through all of solid geeks code and making the necessary changes yourself, you’d be better off not trying to use a feather. you’ll need to redefine pretty much every pin used.

Although… on the other hand this may simplify the whole design since this has an integrated lipo charger as well… hmmm…


i would actually only have to redefine anything that goes to a d pin as the feather has a0-a7 already.


i mean do i need a digital output pin for the micro switch?


@solidgeek any input on this topic??


Wait why wouldn’t you just use a digital pin for the switch?