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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



For those of electronics noobs like me normal size 5k resistor works just fine no need for smd. My cheap multimeter reads 200mA while charging a random 18650 battery.


It is perfect of neatness!!!


Is there any place other than thingiverse on on tho get the remote parts?
I see some with place for the LED’s and other changes that I can’t find in the thingiver list.



You could always drill carefully and make the hole yourself


The LEDs are no longer supported, as everything is displayed on the display :slight_smile:


Hi guys is there someone who are willing to Print the parts for me and send them to me , only USA
i paid ofc. Thank you


Where exactly do the magnets and the hall sensor go in the housing?
Also I don’t understand the wiring for sv on the hall sensor and sv on oled. Where do they go exactly?


Magnets into the holes ind the throttle 3d print and in the buttom deres at slot for the hall sensor


Wow thanks a lot man. Do u know exactly how the wiring goes for the oled sv and the hall sensor sv


Do you mean 5v?


Yes do I splice the hall sensor 5v into the oled 5v?


Basically just all 5v needs to be connected from the boost converter output


All the 5v wires go into the 5v pinout?


The 5v from the boost converter needs to go into the arduinos 5v and all the other 5v’s.
Use the method you finds the easiest. I think i took a wire from boost moduels vout to 5v on arduino and all the other 5v to the 5v arduino :slight_smile:


Got it, one more question, all the grounds I don’t need right? I don’t need to put any of them in the gnd of the arduino right?


You do yea. Otherwise your not finishing the loop. The ground needs to be connected just like 5v but all grounds together.


Meaning all grounds to the same pinout? Also can I connect the switch to a6 instead of d4?


Aslong as the arduino i reciving ground from the boost connector it dosent really matter which of the ground outlets you use on the arduino


What about the grounds from all the other things? They can all go to the same ground on the arduino?


Correct i tried to put this together not as beautiful as the original 2. But maybe easier for some