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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



I was just on their website and found this awesome module
It says you can buy one of their 3.7v 500 mah batteries and it already had a connector to plug in the battery and is compatible with a USB for charging. This is the best of all worlds!!


Great idea @chinzw


Im using their Proto M0, but its almost the same thing. Just make sure you buy the 3.3v hall sensors. Im using these sensors:

They are the same sensor, just different sensing ranges.


Also can I use a 500 mah battery or does it have to be 400 mah


Also do you have a link for this sensors, never mind found.


You can use any mah battery you want, the bigger the better, just make sure it fits in the case.


Also do I need a special PA LNA NRF24L01 module.
I’m trying to get everything from the us and this is one thing I can’t seem o find for less than $20


Is anyone interested in buying magnets from me? 5x5mm obv but I bought bulk of those magnets so I can ship it to anyone in US. Just pay for shipping.


anyone selling completes in eu?


@solidgeek where do I find the power switch? The remote that i made uses the same as your, but I pulled it out of some old toy or something and it gone bad

No matter where I search or they never have something this small or it’s out of stock, maybe I’m using the wrong nomenclature for this type of switch


Just get a spst switch from any electronics store.


can i use this adafruit module so i only have too get one nrf24 module for reciever?


thanks, but the normal switches are too big, maybe in this remote the larger switches are used, in mine its about half of an H-H switch


They’re called mini slide switches.


Thanks, exactly this one

I will see if i can find locally


anyone have any micro switches willing to give to me and i pay postage. im in the US


Can I connect this to arduino and use it as ppm and then use a separate uart cable


No, that wont work


do I connect the uart and ppm to arduino or just uart?


Also where can I get a uart cable? Do I need any resistors between arduino and vesc?