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Simple 3D-printed NRF remote - Arduino controlled



Yeah, it happens on USB too. Is there a way to verify on the serial monitor that the signal from the remote is going through to the receiver?


what would you prefer: (sorry for spam but i just found a couple options i can do)


Yes, the UBEC shares the GND. If only I could use VESC power, of course I won’t use a UBEC, but Îm powering a lot of ws2812.
The total consumption is a bit high for the 2A 5V regulator built in the VESC.


I still have the same problem… need to power cycle a few times to get it connected… sometimes it fires up on the first try, sometimes not…

Only good thing is once the receiver is connected, I can turn off the remote and turn it on again without the same problem.

No other solution for now… Hoping the new firmware will resolve this.


Hmm, so I finally got my remote and receiver mostly working. Still having the power issues, but right now I’m more concerned with another issue. The Receiver is outputting to PWM with a MASSIVE min and max values. My maytech VESCs freeze anytime the timings go above 1ms annoyingly enough. I managed to fix it by going into the transmitter code and changing some values in the calculateThrottlePosition portion of the code. By lowering the maxHallValue and raising the minHallValue, I got my PWM signals between .3 and .9ms. with that little change, the Firefly is compatible with the Pulse Echo board after 1 little recalibration :hugs:


been reading this thread for a while and looked at the github page.
@solidgeek do you know when part 3 of the tutorial on the home page is coming out.


also does anyone have any or all parts that wants to sell them to me. im in the US


Anyone have s fully functioning tested remote that they want to trade for a brand new nano x?


not to be rude by any means but isn’t that like an downgrade ?


Not really for me.
I really like this remote and it’s functionality.


yeah I mean for th gut that trades with you


It depends on who u ask. Someone may want a smaller remote that’s a more simple design.
Just put out there just in case. Not trying to rip anyone off.


Is anyone selling completes of this remote? I’d love to buy one from you @solidgeek :slight_smile: I’m in Sweden so shipping wouldn’t be that bad!


jag har första beta, om din fixas snabbt kan han skicka i samma paket till oss @UniqueSnowflakeN27


Det har vart najs! Men annars går det säkert att posta det i ett kuvert med 2st frimärken(14kr), eftersom att den inte väger så värst mycket :slight_smile:


I was also wondering if anyone is selling any completes. Didn’t quite understand @Jammeslu, and @UniqueSnowflakeN27 LOL


I would take a beta as well.


I was wondering why we need a charger board and a boost converter board. Aren’t there many other boards thats can do both?

EDIT: like i found a board like this, and it seems like it works. although i may be wrong.


That’s just a charger/protection circuit. It doesnt boost the voltage to 5V.


There’s the adafruit feather that comes with everything in one simple package. BMS, Boost and Arduino.