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Show me your pets


@Noob-at-building I also have a mini foxie but I’m stateside


Layla. Her ears aren’t clipped. She Chillin…


Beautiful dog


Thanks bro… this is a 3rd generation Pitbull. When i was a baby we had a pit, that pit grew up with and raised another pit which grewup a d raised this one. Kindest dogs ever!!! Pancho even saved my life. He was rescued from my uncle who had bought him to fight. My dad took him away almost as soon as my uncle got him to prevent anything happening to that puppy. Shitty Pitbull pretty much come from shitty owners



I 3D printed my cat, no supports were needed. Came out great, too noisy though.





Louie (Lou-Dog)



(L to R) Luma, Griffin & Phoebe






Wow - a dog that drives!


My regular co-driver :joy:


very pretty kittys! i miss having cats… although my bearded dragon is pretty cute and never thought Id love a lizard like i do!


kinda looks like he’s got one in the chamber! lol if he ever drops a deuce on the board u totally gotta put one of those “shame” neck hangers on him that says “Im more of a DIY kinda guy” bwhahahaha!


I can’t get a dog in San Francisco because of my landlord.

However, when I come stay in SoCal there’s these two guys that come in every morning and ruff me up. I’m lying here half awake and these guys run in and start licking my face. The crazy thing is, most of the time they aren’t even wearing pants. Reminds me of prison.

Not gonna lie though, I’ll miss Proton and Electron when I go back north.





Ball is Life

Toph Beifong

Cat - Ru
Chihuahua - Anubis


Oh no, I’m back with more