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Shoulda worn a full face


For years. Skated short board in highschool and longboard most of college and actually up unti i started eskate in april. Skated 3 miles every day February and march on a long board and even bombed hills every day on the ride to and from work


And by no means am I a pro. I recently had dual 6374’s and after blowing a focbox, i made it a single. I enjoy this much more and dont think i need the crazy acceleration the dual provides.


Damn man! Sorry to hear about your crash.

How fast were you going? Did the wheels just locked up? No time to put your hands in front?


Wish you a fast recovery man, at least you’re not scared to ride again and it’s good!


Well wishes man , speedy recovery


What an absolute cock womble! Hope karma shows up for him and soon. Get well brother.


Sorry about your Wipeout. I recently got a new helmet for eMTB and Eskate. It’s hot in El Paso so I got the Fox Proframe. Super light and DH rated since those guys hit huge jumps and travel at high speed on gravity runs.

Plenty of vents to keep you cool.


Heal fast man ,danm stick man


Size L, clean, free if you want it bro. I can’t use it anymore.

Get better.


You seruous dude!?!?? I will gladly pay for the shipping and wear that shit proudly. Thank you so much! Im speechless


We’re good bro. I know what a sink full of blood and sweat looks like.

PM me an address and I’ll get it shipped manana.

XBOX, lidocaine spray, ice, vape and time - you’ll be good. lmk


Big thank you to @topcloud for being an amazing dude and gifting me this full face for the next time i eat shit!!!


You look like the swelling really went down lol


that’s fucked up man! get well and have a good recovery. can you identify the person?


I knew full-face helmets made peeps look younger, but damn bro you went all Benjamin Button :rofl: