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Shoulda worn a full face


Thanks for the well wishes guys. Ive been a part of this community for about 4 months and I make sure to check in and read at least twice a day. I consider many of you friends although we have never met and especially the ones I have met. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!. I Just ended up taking meds and passing out. My head was always ok, it was my face that got effed in the A. Teeth almosst went through my lips. Ive had several concussions and this didnt feel like one. Ill see how I do at and after work. Gotta save up for that full face because there is no way im leaving Eskate… ever!


And so few bears


Shit man, get well soon dude, hope you live in a area where there is a lot of security cams as it would be nice to get a mugshot of the muggy little runaway stick tosser…

kinda extra glad i ordered a full face helmet last night now, after not even thinking about such possibilities as dangerous idiots :rage:


Feel better bro!
I hope karma will hit the shit out of this guy.


@Bobby Glad you’re doing ok. The Ruroc Onyx is $183 shipped and has a GoPro mount on the visor. I’m not sure if it’s the best helmet option for you, but it’s a special deal for us right now. And riding with a GoPro might not be a bad idea.


Hope you feel better soon mate!


Get well soon :muscle:t4:.


Not cool man, heal quick
You could jump on the ruroc band wagon if you’re looking for a new lid


Hope you feel better real soon!

What speeds were you going if I may ask?


I was goin aroud 23mph… i want the ruroc or any full face but im currently buying an engagement ring so money is tight


Priorities don’t seem to be in the right place to me :wink: only kidding man, good luck


You ever fallen before @Bobby ?

I hope you heal/feel better soon. But, I’m going to say this, and I don’t want you to get mad or take it the wrong way.

If you were going fast enough, and didn’t see this coming, and the accident was caused by what contacted your wheels.(ie not your body like a car or other object). AND you landed on your face, you are going to fast for your skill. Regardless of the actual numerical value of speed you put to this.

Please slow down, and practice falling properly. Wheel contact accidents happen at any time, from any type of debris. If you are going faster then your body instinctually can protect your face/turn to back, or put your knees down. Then slowing down and learning to fall from slower to faster speeds is the only solution.

Again I’m not trying to be mean. Please don’t take it like that. I just want you to step back and think about what I said, for yourself and your well being.

PS: fuck the stick guy, but next time I want you to be able to beat his ass, because you were ready for anything.

Hardlife pep talk, feel better. :wink:


I’m actually guilty of this. Almost every time I finish a new build I go top speed esting which is dumb as hell. I SHOULD be getting used to the feel of the deck and the handling nuances.

As a general rule plan for the fall not the ride.

The ride gets a lot better when your skill level and confidence match your runs :metal:


@Deckoz I never though of it like that… I like going fast and have wiped at 25+mph and the worst was when a car hit me from the side and sent me flying… but besides tht I have always put my hands and knees down or tucked for a roll. Also guys, as soon as u fall, ditch the remote for the board it’s safer if u throw it than if u hold on to it and it breaks and cuts u or u scrape ur knuckles to hell


Honestly im not offended but i will disagree. I have fallen many times before and roll out no issues. Several factors were at play… it was night out, my light was broken amd in my hand, i was in a tuck and my biggest mistake was that inwas over confident. Ive ridden that path so many times, i got cocky and paid the consequences… ive eaten shit going a lot faster and had minimal damage but yea… i wasnt being as observant and paid the price


It sucks to get hurt, but I find getting hurt and knowing WHY you got hurt is the fastest and most permanent method to learn.

I’ve done the same, I ride the same neighborhood every week with my brother. I found myself barely paying attention and hit some sand and turned into a bearded esk8 tornado and wiped out spectaculary :grin:.

Now I watch for sand subconsciously all the time, lesson learned.


Hey @Bobby, I wasn’t saying you hadn’t fallen. Was just a generalization message for anyone that reads really, to think of it in a different mindset.


Again no worries. Its all coming from a positive place. Just saying i dont think it was not being skilled enough, just someone who got careless and became to cocky with his route😖


Ah dude hope you get well soon! Take all the repercussions and do what your Doctor says.

I’m sure the Mentally unhealthy person is feeling really bad now, Hope he owns up to it somehow.


Do you ride analog at all?