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Shoulda worn a full face


Skating today and asshole kicked a huge branch into the bike lane as i rode by.

wish i had invested in a fullface helmet. Still a bit eoozy


I hope he looks worse…ThaT branch woulda been up his you know what if that were me. Glad your do8ng ok now


On purpose?? That’s fucking assault bro…f u c k t h a t g u y…w h a t t h e f u c k … Get well man.


That’s fucked. Heal quick.


man… i swear dude saw me coming. Plus i have a headlight that rattles. Some guy clled the cops cuz I supposedly seizurrd. Guy who kicked the branch ran off. Even If it wasn’t on purpose, fuck that guy for leaving me laying on the floor


Be sure to get yourself checked out. Head injuries are f****** weird. I had a bad crash a few years ago, thought I was fine . day later started getting really sick. Late brain swelling. Just make sure someone keep an eye on you man


Thanks bud. I got left over percocet im gonna use and gona super glue that lip shut. If i feel super dizzy or nauseous, ill hit the ER


I did have a helmet on rated for high impackt… jst only a half helmet


Also watch out for Deja Vu feelings.


Man that sucks. Feeling angry reading your account.

Take care.


*worn… get better bro


Live to beat that guy with a stick another day!!! -and ride another day too


if i remember correctly the doctor always tells you to have someone wake you up in the night and ask you questions and see if youre still all there and not bleeding into your brain through the night unknowingly. or give you a phone call in the middle of the night.


^^^ this. I’ve had many bad concussions


Bro feel better… hate seeing any of the legion getting hurt … you need a gofundme? Im kinda a pro at it hahahah heal quickly brotha


if you’ve got memory loss and nausea, it’s a symptom of a concussion. don’t take that lightly, may be worth getting it checked out.


Damn dude. Hope you heal up soon. Did you go to the ER? Head injuries are no joke. Don’t be alone tonight in case anything worse happens and you need to go to the hospital. I’m sending good vibes your way. And dark, vengeful, mercilessly evil vibes to that useless waste of life that did this to you. I hope he gets eaten by a bear.:bear:


Nicely put. It’s unfortunate that there are so many fucktards on this planet.
@Bobby - hope you’re okay man.


Damn! How fast were you going? Get better bro!


Fast recovery, @Bobby!
The other day two little punks on electric bike were trying to scare me, but the maggots didn’t consider they were coming from my back side and I can’t see them. When I saw them we were on a collision course, I jumped aside and the crash was avoided but the ligaments on my right knee are stretched.
As a result I am off the board\bike at least 10 days :angry: