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"Session Error" Movie + Q&A Panel Now Live



For those in the Michigan area - on Thursday September 15th, we’ll be screening my latest short documentary “Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding” followed by a Q&A. The event is FREE but please RSVP in the link below because seating is limited. We’ll also have a display area with our e-boards for the post screening mixer where the audience will be able to interact with the A2ESK8 crew and learn more about ESK8 and riding safely. I’m working on live streaming the event as well for those who can’t make it.

On June 2, 2016, software engineer Robbie Small suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding an electric skateboard. This is his story.

“Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding” is a short documentary film that details the emerging popularity of high performance, electric skateboarding and the misconceptions about e-boarding risk and safety.

Total Running Time: 25 min.
Produced by Rik Cordero & Robbie Small
Directed, Shot & Edited by Rik Cordero
Produced by Arbor Day Pictures & A2ESK8
Doors open at 6:00pm
Screening begins at 7:00pm sharp followed by Q&A with the filmmakers
Food and refreshments will be served


fuck i would love to attend this… so how else can we view this film?


Ditto. Can we request it via download or disc?


Tritto, would love to see this, but don’t live in Michigan.


Quadritto, don’t live in Michigan but would like to show this to a couple friends who don’t wear helmets.


@RunPlayBack I’d love to see it as well!


Quindito! need it up in vancouver canada too. it would do well up here.


How do us Aussies view this? Ive been reading the posts on your friend.


Wait what comes after quindito?
I want it in Europe…


don’t worry guys he said that it would be posted online later on if I remember correctly.


Sixdito???.. I will wait for the VHS copy. :smiley: Or


This is awesome. Why did you chose a weekday to do this :frowning: I would drive 1 hr to attend this.


I’ll probably launch the video at the same time as the screening then live stream the Q&A so if you guys have any questions you can send them via YouTube chat system.


I was going to do it at Michigan Theater but they are under renovations. Weekday because it’s more cost effective. If I had to rent a theater on a weekend I’d have to charge for tickets. Keeping it free is ideal. Many of the people who are RSVP’ing have never been exposed to ESK8 before and we’re looking to partner up with a few local kid/teen organizations to give them some exposure to e-board safety. My goal is for the takeaway to be that ESK8 is thrilling as hell! Just be safe about it.


Here’s the trailer, hope you guys can attend!


Infiniditto. I definitely want to see this and I’m sure it will be a great film. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to make watching this movie or even a condensed version a prerequisite for joining the forum or buying a new board. Kind of like a mandatory public service announcement. Might feel kind of nanny statish, but obviously it’s not on a lot of people’s radars until someone gets hurt or dies.


stream please


Yea - you’re a video guy so don’t need to be schooled on platforms, but you gotta put it on YT & Vimeo afterwards so it’s there for folks to see. My bro doesn’t esk8 but does snowboard and he refuses to wear helmet… Wanna show to him too.


When does it go live on your website? NEED TO WATCH IT.


This looks great, can’t wait till its released