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SESC a VESC 6 derivative



Why don’t more people go 11s? Are chargers and bms that hard to find?


I would consider it. I don’t know how hard chargers are to find, any 12S BMS would work fine


Im going 11s on my next build. i have only tried 10s so far. I found a charger on aliexpress and a 11s bms from bestech. I don’t think i’l notice the difference but we’l see.


well you can build your own charger. There are some people who have done it.


You can use any 12S BMS if you leave the most-positive p-group unconnected


yeah and you can use a power supply. i bought one since that was the easiest. same goes for the bms. just more convenient and same price as a 12s bms.


Not any power supply, only a modern one with current AND voltage limits.


Yeah that’s what I ment. DC variable power supply


My first build was 11s.
No issues to find a charger and a bms at all.


If my haya ever shows up. 11s is the plan. Hopefully it’s a good in between 12s and 10s.


I liked it very much with dual 6374 190kV motors.
More than enough speed for me and with the right gearing also the torque is fine.


Maybe 11s is the new 13s :face_with_monocle:


Not a chance.


Fix for 12 s is 8xxx motors, 100a x2 bat amps and a 10s3p pack. Guaranteed you will hit the safe voltage range within seconds.


How you mean that?


Voltage sag.


Ah ok got ya. Thought the other way round…voltage spikes when breaking.



MOTION-SPIN Motor’s Sensor Connection



Well done sir! I don’t understand a lot of things here, but what I see looks good :wink:
I really like where your wires and connections come out! Smart design, less loosen space for slim enclosure!


Thank you!!