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Selling skate parts from Amazon


Read the rules and while I could not find anything stating this would not be allowed, if it isn’t please close/delete my thread.

I have $662 USD in amazon.com credit that I have received over the last year or so, however i’m in Australia and I was intending to use this credit for my e-board build but have since realised very little ships from amazon USA to australia :confused:

I was thinking of purchasing items on behalf of you (not exactly sure how this would work) for 20% of the price (so 80% of price), or swap for e-board parts (vesc, motor mounts, wheels, controller, etc).

I’m happy to provide proof that the gift card balance has been on my account for ages and that I do indeed own the account :slight_smile:

Again, if it isn’t allowed, feel free to close, wish more e-board parts were on amazon :frowning:


Have you tried a mail forward service?


Isn’t there an Australian Amazon? https://www.amazon.com.au/

Edit: Never mind. All they have is kindle stuff.


Xalitust, if you’d like, I could buy your entire credit and trade it for money? Let’s pm about this


Lol yeah this is the shit we get delt in oz.


Had a look but it adds so much to the price it’s not even worth it.

Yea, very little stuff plus the gift cards i have are for the USA amazon.

edit: misunderstood haha. PM’ed


Just bringing this thread up :slight_smile: