Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



Doggos aren’t for sale!!
Here’s some better pictures of the shirt and mask


Quick put the beard back on.
That shit’s ugly.


That’s Dope af…glad it fits…:call_me_hand:t5::wink: enjoy


Was this all from you?!?!


Crap, I cut the beard off so this would fit right.


Hi! So I was supposedly travelling for a few months over the Summer but it has since turned into a much longer trip. I’ve been absent from the community and my board but itching to get back. It was actually the month of December that got me thinking I haven’t logged in for quite a while.

Happy the torch has been passed on, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as last year! I hope to be returning regularly soon!



Glad to see you back. Good luck on your travels.


where u get dis tshirt?


he probably got it here have a hoodie and its awesome.


Two weeks until Christmas and no mas.

Are there many more of us?


We are 61 participating


Glad to see you here @Youssless :wink:


I will be honest, I want one of those for sure!


Just bought the shirt. Weird how the long sleeve is cheaper than the short :thinking:


It’s cheaper because they don’t cut the sleeves :thinking:


Ive got 2 sweatshirts planning on getting a long sleeved.

there very confy


About 15 that already received theirs?

So have more received theirs and are just waiting till Christmas or are there really still 45 or so waiting to get theirs?

Sorry Santa but my patience is wearing thin and my tree is up already for a week and is looking empty.


Those are some seriously good whiskeys in your cabinet bud. 10 points.


I don’t really know how many have received


In the right spot too. Right next to the baby bed. I now know I did everything wrong when my daughter was a baby!