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Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



Personally I feel like the minimum should be a bit higher. Last year there were few gifts in the $10 range. Hell, a lot of us will be paying that much in shipping alone. If you get me, I guarantee my present will be worth well over $10. Thats a weak ass grandma price that is a bit of touch with how little a buck buys these days…
But whateva!


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Ben and I are already filled in, I’ve requested you personally as my secret santa. Prepare yourself.


Its all good. I don’t know how expensive shipping to the PH is but I’ll keep it low for shipping both ways hopefully. Thanks though!


Filled in :slight_smile:


Fuckit. I’m in. Will fill the form later today


Is there a international pool and a North America Pool?


Hope you get me boys! I am going to make something pretty! I have been thinking about this in the back of my mind for a couple months!

And it will be worth more than $10!


Fuck that, I want both…now…get on it @Skunk :slight_smile:


Haha hell yeah I’m in


Its hard when some people have been in the esk8 game so long. What do you get people without buying them the newest hot thing.
I’ve only been on here few months, haven’t even built a board yet. Don’t really have extra, or old parts laying about.
I’m probably gonna end up just buying someone somthing new. Definitely over $10.
No moonshine decks unless you get me one


dont over think it…if you get @psychotiller just send ferrit porn, if you get @longhairedboy just send something demonic or possessed, if you get @Sender adderall is always a good choice, if you get me just send beer or arthritis medicine :slight_smile:.


I totally have all those things!
But thier mine


Yes but I’ll match people based on what they want/have and where can they ship


Thanks for doing this man, taking time out of your day to set up the best matches.


I think the beer would have to sit with the amount of shaking it would get in shipping. Psychotiller gift would be easy just some nudie pics of longhairboys mom.


i got a bag of loose cables and other bullshit last year, it’s all good.



I pretty much always use talk to text. Not correcting jack


Probably yes. I will have to figure out something respectable as a present first.
I would not like a disappointed “customer”:grinning:.


Where are we at with this? Is there a confirmation email or is that coming later?