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Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



me too.
Filled out the form twice but no email.
also not in the spam folder.


No worries, everything is updated @Andy87 and @Saturn_Corp :slight_smile:


For now we have 35 answers on the form. Invite your friends to the awesome gift exchange :wink:


This is gonna be fun .
Already got some things set aside/planned


@J0ker3366 @dareno @Wraith @b264 you guys gonna get in on this or… what?
@rok @Wilsonliang777 @monsterbuilder @ARetardedPillow @taz @L3chef


I’m thinking about it. Sucks when you ship anything from northern europe tho. 0.5kg and up = minimi 30€


You could always buy something little online that’s on the same continent as the person you get matched with. Only 10$ minimum

You too @bigben get in here
And @brenternet @briman05
Im gonna keep tagging people till this gets more attention.


I’ve been giving some thought but I don’t know if it’d be fair for anyone to ship to me given where I’m based lol


we also have a member from french polynesia participating :wink:


I can understand that.
Probably limits what can be sent affordably.
Don’t want ya left out tho


i know the feels man


Alright alright I’m in but if I draw you it better not be a set or Surfrodz or a moonshine deck lol


it’s not random draw anymore, i’ll match people


Thats a good idea… I’ll think about it. Would like to send some Finnish salmiakki candy to someone. Everyone loves Salmiakki right?


Ive never heard of that but it sounds interesting :laughing:


Oh alright that simplifies things then!

Filled out the form, Hope I’m being reasonable enough with the wish list lol


I just had a glance about what people have to offer and it is awesome. Join this gift-exchange event and spread some esk8 love


I’m already on it!
Last year I got a raptor 1 deck as a gift so a lot to live up to!


Not bad at all


I’ve just been shooting for the minimum $15 on my wish list lol. Can i still edit? :rofl: