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Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



A lot of member has 3d printers and can offer printed parts for who ever they get. Its worth considering maybe adding that to your wish list.


Very true printed parts are something that can be very useful and something that not everyone has access to.


i’m down with international secret santa, but i also echo the sentiment regarding the way @Youssless matched people up… it was really a lot more christmassy that way than a random drawing would be.


This means I need people wish list and what they can gift (spare parts) and their shipping availablity ( international/national only) ?


I’m in! I’m glad to see that my 5 days read time has another use…


Would be nice if it could be matched if there is a match.
I mean if I sent my 90mm flywheels to somebody who just has a mtb it would be a bit sad :sweat_smile:
But guess it is way much more work
And we all need to be super polite to @Grozniy from now on as he gona sort out who will get what :joy::joy::joy:


Ok. So just updated the form. Please input your wishlist and what you can gift and where to you can send. For those who already filled it, please edit it. So this way we will not have a random draw, I’ll match people up ( hopefully better than tinder)


How to edit? Just fill it out again?


You should have an email, maybe junk mail there you can edit


I check my spam folder too.
Didn’t get one. Can be that I accidentally deleted it with the other forum notification during the day.
Can I just fill it out once again?


Sure you can


Just submitted a new form…


I filled it out, I can’t wait.


I didn’t get an email, Just gonna re sumbit.


To the top
For whoever would like to join


this was a blast last year and left us all with a warm fuzzy feeling.


hmmm idk if i have enough read time or likes… :thinking:


The question is if you have too many🤣


Filled in, thanks for doing this.


You can join only if your post were flagged more than 5x