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Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



Damn… someone is getting lucky


They should have a good day :grinning:


Keep the love coming


Damn 33 pounds you send someone a complete board and a bunch of parts


that’s how he rolls


Time to get stuff out :relieved::gift::relieved:


I can’t get my package out atm, post people are on strike -_-


I swear mail workers around the world have an over inflated sense of personal value.


I feel like that about people in general…


My mailman has a PHD in psychology and he’s always talking about his philosophy of the world and how everyone will share it some day. I always resort to “sounds great! Thanks for the package, and good luck with your plan”


Got my package in the mail today nice 6454 flipsky motor. My Santa was @Sn4pz from his letter included in the package there is another gift coming from amazon and it is a gag gift so I’m a little scared but will share when it arrives. Thank you @Sn4pz for the motor and whatever is coming from amazon


oh wow talk about quick shipping hawt damn

also the amazon thing is nothing of… value?

youll see :laughing:


Just got denied at FedEx because my gift contains candy?! I guess I won’t tell the next carrier I use there’s food in it.


Maybe no-one should say there are duck picks, might get denied



Ah yes, that makes sense during Christmas time.


Always say just miscellaneous stuff for Christmas gifts.


My santee should have gotten his today


We want to see piiiiiictures!!!


This :arrow_up: