Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



Damn last year I even wasn’t here :sweat_smile:
Great idea! Even if I‘m not in the best location, will join for sure :ok_hand:


How do I check my read time and likes?


Click on your name and go to stats.
You currently have 2d read time and 26 likes


Everyone just gotta remember it’s the thought that counts. I was matched with someone who got what I had to give and he needed/wanted it. And I received the same…all the way from the UK.

A wish list is good, but don’t set your expectations way too high since there are those who have a smaller budget than others. It’s about the giving and helping out as well.


Guess gotta post more


Oops just found out I am 3 likes short. I should post a cute toy or something.

Edit: problem solved thanks @Andy87 , @DilatedPupils and @deltazeta


wish list might have to be mandatory.
May be preferred. Just hard to pick something for someone who seems to have everything. Unless you don’t mind getting $20 worth of Hersheys chocolate.


what i didn´t understood yet,
i filled out the google form, but is it also necessary to sign in with ?


So are the likes the hearts received? I have 5d of reading 80+ hearts received.


That’s the key. Gotta get the read time up too.


no, don’t worry about drawnames thing for now.


Should we add our age too? Just so no one sends a dildo to a minor :rofl:


What a cool idea! Never commented before so never gotten likes :sweat_smile:
(pls help me :joy: )


time to get active!


@Andy87, no. If we decide to use it, I’ll add everyone and start the draw. Then you’ll receive and email to join. Then you can write your wish list online. But depending on the outcome of the poll, I might have to match people by continent or make 2 groups in that website.


As stated in previous Secret Santa event :sweat_smile:


I don’t have enough likes :frowning:
But I have a lot of reading time.
Maybe this could compensate it?


You have 1 month to improve :wink:


I would like to participate this year but not sure I have enough to send to someone I guess maybe a custom deck would be far above the $10 or $20 value. I do have some belts though. Please god just no one send me a dildo that would by far be the worst gift ever unless your into that sort of thing.


Santa is all about giving :ribbon:
10USD is just the minimum.
People need to have common sense and don’t just offer a post card with chocolates :man_shrugging:
That’s why we have around 2 month to save some monies for a thoughtfull gift :smiley: