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Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



If you really wanna be a d**k send them super free gummybears from Amazon.



looks like the way this drawnames thing works is you have to enter everyone’s info into one secret santa group. so you’d still have to collect names.

looks like you are, are you just using this thread to collect names?

u wanna use this form to collect names?

send me your gmail email address and i’ll make you owner.


@Mikenopolis, can be gummy bears :wink:
@jasonbhuynh, last year I didn’t participate by missing 1 like
@Rod12579, yes
@Skunk just don’t send broken trucks :smiley:
@Lambjr088 I just made a pool for people to choose
@mmaner group can be set up only when I have all the emails
@Tamatoa, that’s why you have about 2 month to save some monies for shipping
@thisguyhere, yes please, thanx


Please fill the form with your info in the first post :stuck_out_tongue:


please kindly put this link to the form in the original post:


Oh you’re getting broken trucks


form filled! secret santa was fun last year.


@Skunk we should also send a burned out vesc and motor with missing magnets hahaha


I tried you link in the first post but don’t know what to do then. I tried @thisguyhere ‘s form but the continent info is required and I am not on either of those. Can I send my info to you so you can add it when you fill the form?


Yep, just send me pm


Just signed up, gotta think of a wish list!!!


also, $10 is way too low. a single set of surf rodz axles is $20. $50 min is probably more reasonable.


That’s alot for some people.
$20 seems fair.


If i get you I’m sending you $50 worth of edible panties


theye just panty shaped fruit rollups. total ripoff.

shit, 50 dont go far in esk8. but if we just giving rando stuff then 20 is fine. shrivers salt water taffy and some mints is a good start.


That’s true…
Im not expecting esk8 stuff really.
Would be cool. But yeah.


I still never received my gift from last years secret santa.
I don’t think I will participate this year. Not because im still salty but i am just super busy these days.


Where you located?


Yeah it is unfortunate that a few people didn’t get anything.
Let’s try to make it better this year.


Want a set too please :pray: