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Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D



I asked him 3 days ago, nothing yet


Let’s wait until the end of the month and then check who’s gift is missing


Good idea with just the one light that thing is like a spotlight. You should easily be able to see ahead with that thing.


Thanks so much to my Santa
I love everything and I will put it to good use !
I just got back from mexico and came to this


Sorry to my receipting that your missing some stuff but I just got back from mexico, one more present will go your way Monday :wink:


That was a shock hearing that…:hushed:…I’ve been munching on them for 30 years.

I put them in the freezer…one is never enough…too many and you start to look like one…:stuck_out_tongue:


Still waiting on the package. I am beginning to fear that it has been lost After it was handed to my local post. I don’t receive new updates


Last time we went to London, I bought a lot…there were two more larger boxes I didn’t get a picture of.


I just asked him


Vote for @Grozniy to run secret santa again in 2019, it was awesome.

  • Yes he should do it
  • Roman for emperor
  • His legs are smaller than Brent’s

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Whilel I agree he did a really great job it would be great for him to be able to participating in a different way next time around


Don’t come in here with your sense. He’s our Santa bitch now.


@brenternet my legs are not small!!! :rage:

Russian power XD


Haha look at those little kickers. When you grow up they will develop well I’m sure!


I have to side with with @Skunk on this I think @Grozniy did a truly great job this year and has set the bar high but even though he did participate this year it was only because there was a person how backed out. I know there are still a few people who did not get a gift but I dont think it is because someone did not send it and it is more of a postal service fuck up. I have offered and so has Skunk to take the reigns with the 2019 Secret Santa as it shouldn’t become a job for someone to do each year.


I had also considered the possibility of the previous Santa electing the new Santa


That could be a good way to pass the torch




It was a joke you penis. I also think you’d make a terrible organiser, that wasn’t a joke out of interest, sometimes it’s hard to tell.


Ass to grass. I like it. :grinning: