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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


No it really isint real chocolate. My father has worked for both Hershey’s and Mars (we live near what used to be chocolate town) and if i remember right he said they don’t even use cocoa butter in the ‘chocolate’ (worked for them a long time ago). They also add other ingredients to it that shouldn’t be in something labeled as chocolate.


Oh No!!! Sorry my Santee, I got your package returned today. I will confirm your address with @Youssless and get this back out to you (of course I’ll add in some more stuff)

Of note, I thought it was cool "Return to Sender

Hey, I’m Sender!


Got my package yesterday but was too busy to open it, my santa is freaking awesome!! Custom cnced mounts that are indestructable for evolve trucks!! And 4 pulleys, screws, bearings, and a card for chitople! Ive been wanting this for so long


I really fancy a breakfast burrito right about now


Dang can’t wait to get back from my trip
Then I can see if my package has arrived😃


Thank you Santa


Looking thru the stuff people got I wished I had entered.

Then I realized I would have had to have something to give…


I’m still waiting for mine. but I attribute that to me being on the other side of the planet.


Yes, your gift will need patience, but it’ll be worthwhile. Plus I hooked you up with a fairly reputable member of the forum :slight_smile:



that would be SICK!


Not that reputable :sweat_smile:


hmm i’m out of ideas :thinking:


If you manage to work out all the santas privately I’ll personally build you a board lol.


will you build me a board if I “guess” 2? :rofl:


Lol what you and your recipient!..


So got my new board all set up and finished yesterday,sensored motors/foc mode and I knew I would have clearance issues with the new mounts and my 83mm clones so rode slowly,sure enough came to a little bump on the pavement and the mounts scrapped and stopped the board and I carried on!!
So took it home and hung it up back on the wall till I can sort the clearance issue…woke up this morning to find this in the mail from my secret santa!

Really happy thank you secret santa!!
As a suggestion I mentioned maybe 97mm clones as that’s all I really needed but for someone to send me original abec 11 has put a really big smile on my face,being 33 I don’t normally get excited about xmas just like to spend time with the fam but when it comes to esk8ing I feel like a teenager again lol you all know the feeling,I’m about to hook these wheels up and go out for a carve,thanks again secret santa made my day/xmas :smiley:
And a big thanks to @Youssless for taking the time to arrange the whole thing!


Santa went to my home today :smile: good timing as I spent the last days sick at home and am happy to get comforted haha

Here is a pretty RC GT2B combo + 2x belts + voltmeter (not sure about the last part)

I think I have figured from who it came and must say many thanks for the kind attention Santa! :blush:

I’ll put the badies to good use :sunglasses:

Edit : Reupload done!

BTW big kudos to @Youssless for organizing everything and giving updates regularly, making sure nobody got forgotten by Santa. You rock !


Thanks Santa!


Hey guys,

I wanted to give this topic one final bump to ensure everyone has received their gifts. Just in case there is something still hanging with some issues please do PM me immediately and I’ll do what I can to help (though I think I got everyone sorted now).

Its been a fair bit of to and fro but I think everyone has given and received a little bit of Christmas (even if some did get there’s in January).

I’m so grateful for all of you who joined in, thank you for being such an amazing community.

Speak soon, ride safe,



Well mine came a little bit ago as u can see😃
Still don’t know what to run the lipos for though