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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


This is just chilling

Fml… no wind factor


yeah id love to get some snow, but we are in summer now. and its HOT out here.


takes a while to mail kangaroos


Ahhh fresh air


well they call this winter but…




I started my life knowing Celsius because I was born in Hong Kong. When we moved to the US it confused me for a while I knew the numbers but forget which is C and which is F. My dad told me “American gets an F because they failed at math” never forgot after that


And I’m from the hometown of A. Celsius, inventor of the Celsius scale, so I’d better not forget. Lol


Thank you very much Santa!!!
This is my first ever online secret Santa and it is amazing
of you to follow my build update!! :smiley:


Oh that’s cool a little plug and play bluetooth module, good idea!

And a dope cutting board haha


Don’t forget the Lindor. If all you’re used to is Hershey’s you’re going to flip your lid.


You’re not wrong, Lindor is great


It’s too beautiful for a cutting board I would rather display it in my room :smiley:


Hershey’s are disgusting. It’s like they put chalk into it


I always thought there was a vague hint of puke?


hershey’s is ok for making hot chocolate with the “Special dark” baking chocolate. Other than that, cadbury’s for the cheap stuff.


well… if its chocolate, im gonna eat it


Fun fact 1: Hershey’s is not real chocolate… :chocolate_bar:

Fun fact 2: Mars Chocolate (M&M’s, Dove, etc) owns a pet food company. They bid on the same meat for the dog food as Taco Bell does for their tacos :taco:

Fun fact 3: the two main ingredients of chocolate are f*cking disgusting by them selves. If you get the chance to ever taste chocolate liquor or cocoa butter please do. You will appreciate the fact that some random guy put them together to make chocolate. Cocoa butter is extremely bitter (and I mean extremely) but when combined with chocolate liquor and sugar they make Dove/Lindor chocolate.

P.S. - I may or may not be extremely biased and have multiple family members who work in the chocolate industry (ahhemm not at Hershey’s).

Secret Santa 2018 WORLDWIDE-CLOSED, Awaiting gifts :D

i’ve heard “hershey’s isn’t real chocolate” a few times before. Is that like a technical thing or is it in the sense of “hershey’s is terrible, so i’m not gonna disrespect other chocolate by calling it chocolate.”