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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


If FedEx can deliver giraffes to Micheal Jackson’s private zoo, they can deliver @psychotiller’s mom to my house.


Dang am I the only one still waiting?


@Youssless maybe time to start compiling a list of people who haven’t gotten theirs yet, and who was supposed to send them. Let’s make sure nobody got left behind


What :point_up:️He said is right
Where has @Youssless been?


Mine should have arrived at my recipient today, got it out a little late due to sickness


The last of my gifts arrived 4 days ago. Sorry no dice for you @DEEIF


@anorak234 and @DEEIF perhaps so, it’s a good idea.

I’ve been the middle man for conversions and notifying people if their packages are delayed/letting santas know that their recipients are away and will check their gift when they’re back home after the holidays. Obviously people can’t see these PMs but they have been numerous. No one has messaged me to say they haven’t received their gift, its usially been the other way around (santas checking the gifts have arrived safely).

If you haven’t received your gift yet and I haven’t relayed you a message about a delay please PM me ASAP.


@DEEIF, I’ve messaged your santa again to check up on your gift. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.

Delays are always unwanted but a reality, we have a generous cohort of backup Santas who are at the ready and if I don’t hear back from anyone’s santa after reasonable time for communication and response, then I’ll send out a gift (if you’re in the EU) or send your info to another backup santa (if you’re further away). In the unlikely event a santa is greedy and doesn’t send anything out, I can only reprimand them by publicly naming them and making a blacklist for future reference. Obviously this will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

The PMs I’ve been getting over the last two weeks have been quite promising, with Santas concerned about the recipients receiving their gifts rather than recipients complaining and me being unable to relay information. In a situation when there are delays, I believe this one to be more favourable.

I hope that helps clear things up a bit for everyone. Thank you all for being patient.



nope! i’m still waiting too.


An improvement I’ll definitely be implementing next year is having the Secret Santa event occur earlier, like maybe in the last week of Nov.

I’ll reveal that the vast majority of delays (about a dozen or so by my guesstimate from the PMs I send) are due to couriers being busy and/or recipients being away for Christmas.

Let me know your thoughts


Thanks Santa, you’re a gentleman and a fine judge of horses, too much fun to be had here thanks again for your generosity


what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk


i guess santa likes you. thats a spot welder upper left right? and what mounts are those?

edit-oops… didn’t see santas note.



So the gift I sent seems to have been stopped at the airport. A gt2b and also a printed case. Anyone had any issues sending these ? I did explain what was in the package. Anyhow this (2nd) gift will be on route shortly




They are @psychotiller’s v2 finest & ohyes there are even some 8mm spacers hiding behind the jellies :santa::christmas_tree::shamrock:


I was worried that the beer would get stopped but it looks like it made it!

Enjoy that 312 straight from the 312

Ps if you want that stl or .ipt file for your emblem let me know!


Thank you Santa. I got 3 of these bad boys which means I’ll actually get to wear 1 of them when my fiancé steals the other 2

Love it!


:astonished: som MAAADDD pressies goin on here!
im just chillin down here… :earth_asia: