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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


Haha! Thanks secret Santa!


Since few days back I’m not in the country anymore so I will have to check my present and thank my santa after Christmas.

I told the post office to grab a huge box since 11.11 and Black Friday stuff will be coming in as well…they were thrilled :slight_smile:


what’s that? that didn’t come from me. It is pretty amazing though. is that UV reacive ink or EL paint?


wish I could say, had to head out for christmas early this morning but i’ll take a look when I get back


I’d say neither, just a well lit photo with dark board. Could be Uv reactive anyway. You need a small enclosure now.


think i’ll probabky just set it up as a normal board. i enjoy average joe long boarding to believe it or not


Me too, I have a couple of regular push boards, it’s still fun :grinning:


Many regular non fancy decks here too. My fave to ride without motor is my old vanguard. It’s dog powered…
That’s what inspired me to motorize one in the first place.
I’ll have to upload a vid of that next year.


That’s awesome :grinning:. I’m planning on getting a German Shepherd next year. Gonna build a big ass dancer deck and teach him to ride with me.


I’m away till after Xmas so thanks in advance santa


I wonder if I will be able to guess who my secret santa is by what they send me
Well guess we’ll find out when it comes👍


actually I think it is a big part of the fun, trying to figure out who your santa is but not being able to.


Thanks santa!


so what i thought was my secret santa gift wasn’t my secret santa gift, it was a present for Simon. Apparently i haven’t got my secret santa present yet :weary:


What was it?


im wondering the same thing :grin:


I’m with u @longhairedboy except the part about it not being mine😥


There are probably federal regulations for sending @psychotiller’s mom, but hey happy 2018 huh


Ahhhh. I hope my giftee liked what I picked out for him. Merry Christmas ya’ll.


Calabrass, the magical sword posessed by the soul of the most treacherous pirate of the seven seas. Its from the Zak Storm universe.

I commanded it to give me the Eye of Esk8 but it just sat there like a piece of dead plastic, instead of a piece steel possessed by a dead pirate.