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Secret Santa 2017 (Completed)


Damn this makes me wish I had gotten in on this exchange I didnt have any parts to give but I wish I had.


Some of you guys may be receiving multiple shipments, on different days, so keep that in mind :wink:


About to head to the post office. What is a Christmas present without a quality homemade card?


So it turns out my secret Santa is this not-so-secret great and skilful person that goes by the nickname of @bigben who makes really beautiful enclosures for your precious FOCBOXes that never arrive on time. And I have the proof sitting here in my living room:

Thank you very much Secret Santa!!


ya’ll are buying from the wrong people. I have them in stock right now, and they ship right now.


The savings are starting to feel less and less worth it. Funny thing is I had 4 in my cart on your site when I found out about this Cyber Monday shenanigans .


$300 though LHB!


I made it but the Santa was another Santa… Which is a secret… @egzplicit


Can confirm, @egzplicit, BB wasn’t your Santa :wink:


You’re right. Counterfeit bond certificates make for great presents.


Oh I never considered this option! I do apologise to my really secret Secret Santa and I also wanna thank him for the generosity, it really is an awesome gift!


Once again, some of you are receiving multiple packages on multiple days :wink:


I just sent mine out :grin::gift::christmas_tree:


Wow! I am beyond ecstatic! My Santa truly knocked it out of the park! Just look at these Christmas treats! I can’t say thank you enough!


Ooh what are those “X” things called? Where can i get some? I need 2 for my board since the truck hardware is digging really deep into the deck!






They are just like X-mas decorations aren’t they hah!


did you buy extra of those?


No I just have that many boards and like them. Got two more sets coming