Scramboards Electric E-MTB kits


I have converted my Trampa mountain board with parts and kits from Scramboards there 150 amp pcb will not burn out so they told me so far so good anyway! :slight_smile:


Are you affiliated with this supplier? If no you should create a build thread - in the “eboard builds category” with pictures & info etc… if YES, you are affiliated or you are the supplier, you should create a proper advertisement of the products for sale with pictures prices, specs and availibility.


Here is some pics of my board you need Trampa trucks although the motor bracket might fit MBS.


Yes I am testing there boards and do some promotion but I give reviews of there boards whether bad or good.
This board has the 50 mm motors I was surprised at the power they generate having ridden 63 mm motor boards before. They will have 63 mm motors available soon also though. Both 50 mm and 63 mm motors are powered of a choice of 12 ah 24 volt or a 16 ah 24 volt battery with a powerful 150 amp ESC custom designed for these boards for reliability. Allot of of the shelf ESC from hobby king etc will burn out.