Samples (sale) esc, motors, bms



Is there a 10s version for that?


And they work great.


Do you have a pic?



To compare with the d140
Top is the new units
Middle is a 10s mini for super tight enclosures


@hyperIon1 if it’s a charge+discharge bms, what amp it rated to? I dont see it in the spec sheet.


Sorry @hyperIon1we don’t allow FnF sales through the forum. These types of sales provide no recourse to a buyer if a vendor does not follow through with shipment or if there is a problem.


Then pay as a service. I was unaware that it was an issue.


How much would shipping be to Aus with the flipsky 4.12?


Do you want both? I’m in Aus too, if you only want one id be down for the other and we can get them sent together


I would, but you can get them for $75 + free shipping on ebay so it ends up being basically the same

Also don’t really have the spare money with christmas and all


No problem, that’s where I got my other one from $80 I think so not much more


yall still have the motors?


Yes we do.


How does this perform compared to the flipsky dual 4.20? Is that the can bus cable (black and white) between the 2 vescs?


the one pictured is a BETA test unit, its PCB is green and the production ones are black.
correct that is the can-bus external.
it’s simply 2 on 1 PCB with only combined power in/ soft switch
as for comparing to the flip duel 4.20 the difference would be in individual components used to manufacture each.
They are clones of a different origin in essence


Sorry for a bit off-topic. But does anyone know if the sensor cable on these Maytech will connect properly with VESC and not frying it?
@hyperIon1 did you test the sensors with VESC?


My 6374 are shipping soon. Last chance to give me those 6355 motors. Lol
You know you need the space


How much for the firefly remote?


Good question, I’ll will check. I do remember their pins where different ( flipsky) I cant remember if they changed it.
I’ll get back to you.