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Sale on Psychotiller Motor Mounts!


I’m going to sell off stock on my original psycho60 motor mounts.

They have a 60mm center to center measurement.
They fit 63mm motors
They have 4mm of belt tension adjustment
They are flat black
They are compact and light
They are adjustable to the point of absurdity. Allowing you to use any deck you choose, most without risers, even drop through mounts!

They are $43 shipped in the USA ($50 shipped internationally) I have 60 of them left. After they are gone, they are gone. The new mounts will take their place.
They are listed on ebay at the sale price, but not on www.psychotiller.com

All other mounts and options are available on www.psychotiller.com





Gonna assume this is you @psychotiller

Took me a minute to find it


Nice. The missing link. So tempting…


It’s a good sale he’s having to bad I’m plus one on mounts


Are you selling the TKP adapters as well? I’m working an order up. LOL


It just takes some filing to make the Caliber Clamp fit the TKP. I offer that as a custom fit. $20 more Duckets on the total and we’ll make it happen!