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RUROC - Black Friday Giveaway - 10 helmets


Sign up and could be one of the 10 winners (we have had one winner from the forum previously)

Winners announced 11/22



Just signed up. Thanks for the share!


Beat me to posting this. I was at work dammit!


What if I used a different name and email? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bump bump …



Now if your friend/mom/girlfriend/little brother did, that’s a different story…


Signed up i took a bad spill in my RuRoc worst yet infact I got a concussion from it but that means it saved my life. I do need a replacement.


ya how are you since then @Battosaii ?


Been good but I felt a bit weird and tired for a few days.


Aren’t concussions just the best :expressionless:


ya I took a spill, recently was in a bit of pain. lil bit of cbd fixed me right up :grin:


My body was fine, motorcycle jacket and knee/shinpads took the hit my brain was the one that couldn’t handle the sudden stop haha


Done. Why not!? Thanks @Michaelinvegas that’s a good heads up.


Bump again


Bump it !!! Louder!!!


I entered lets see if we can get a member to win this year