Ride your esk8 to to the Polls!


Here in the US it’s election season for our new president. I made a point of riding my eskate to the polls, hoping it might remind us of the need for lower-impact transportation options. I believe that positive transitions begin with dedicated folks like us taking small steps to get the word out.

Anytime someone asks about my eskate, I take the time to explain that a part of the reason I use it is because I don’t think I need a car for most of my short-distance travels. I try to spread the word.

There’s my build, created with the support of this community, outside after voting! @onloop @longhairedboy @chaka @psychotiller @lox897 @lowGuido @torqueboards @siggs3000 @trbt555 @RunPlayBack


you know it! Ride that shit every where! People always ask about my boards when i’m riding, and its a great chance to talk about PEVs and what they could mean for society. I make small grocery runs on mine all the time.


Awesome @longhairedboy! All the better that you’re picking up diapers! As a Dad myself, it’s good to challenge the expectation that longboards and skateboards are only “for kids.”


the checkout line is always a fun place when people finally notice the motors.


Nice! I’ll be sure to do the same once the circus makes it out to Cali. You really can’t tread any lighter than an EV this small.


@siggs3000 and I ride to the polls, it’s a two-person Movement! Who else is in?!


We are all kids :heart:️ …


I ride mine to and from work every day as long as it isnt raining. I hang it off the side of my desk and people are always interested in it when they walk by.


I hope you both are riding tandem on one board. That would really send a message and solidify your unconventional “position” on eSk8’s. Lol

(My brain is still trying to formulate a visual for what that would look like. Processing…)


How is the HobbyKing motor handling the E-MTB setup?


Out of curiosity what do you use to Cary your groceries? I’ve always wanted to build a eboard trailer thing.


It’s performing extremely well so far @NNGG. I’ve got about 55 miles on at this point, no issues at all. It climbs hills like a champ, starts from a dead stop. I can’t really imagine it being better, but time will tell.


+1 here for hobby king SK3
I have used 7 of them on various builds and haven’t seen one die in over 12 months of solid use and 1000’s of km’s


I use a backpack, so small amounts of groceries only. But i can also carry 2 or 3 plastic bags while riding, so i can get quite a bit of stuff.


@locktight I’m the same as @longhairedboy; I use a backpack. I’m not talented enough to hold bags of groceries while riding, I find that they swing around and mess with my balance. I can manage shirts from the dry cleaners, but not groceries.


i once rode home from walmart with an entirely new bed set. I’m talking about that giant plastic zipper bag stuffed with a comforter, pillow cases, pillow covers, tiny throw pillows, sheets, and a bed skirt. I also had a gallon of milk.

I’m sure it was at least mildly entertaining to watch.


Who’s gonna be the first to strap a wicker bike basket to their board?

Or how about a second board hooked up like a trailer, but with a front caster wheel/truck setup like a Freebord, so it turns with you as you ride?


There is a skateboard that you can buy that has a craptastic electric setup and has a backpack permanently mounted to the deck. I think it’s this:


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