Review - Bajaboard GX4 Model 2017 - Why the Bajaboard is not made for offroad

After a long time with no communication I am glad to announce contact has been restored and they have offered me a full deposit refund due to the time involved. This is great customer service and has restored my faith in the company. Great to see them coming in here to address issues in production. Seriously a great bunch of guys which is why i was initially surprised with the lack of communication.
Welcome @BajaAle and thankyou for the refund.


Happy to help you pimping your board! :wink:


We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Happy to let anyone to come and visit our factory over here

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@BajaAle this has to be the most sexy sound from an eBoard so far !

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site. I have been researching the Bajaboard since it first came out. I am happy to announce that I bought a 2nd hand 2018 GX4 with 17miles on it. unfortunately the previous owner took a bad spill & the front left wheel has a lot of play on it… need to repair that before attempting speeds above 32mph. Thanks for the great review. I look forward to putting up my posts.

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Srapy, Thanks for this great review… especially on the worn out ball joint. I have the same issue. was is difficult to tap out the pin? I currently don’t have video capability to show what is going on with my board, but I have the same “slop” in the ball joint as in your video,… any tip form you will be welcomed. Thank you… BTW I am in San Jose, CA… I am having a hard time finding fellow Eskate riders.

so glad i decided to do a DIY Trampa over buying a Baja

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If you have the right tools its easy, if not, its harder. There are kind of pin pusher tools you have to use just with a hammer. You get those parts you need directly all from bajaboard.

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Hi Srapy,

Sounds like a straight forward project. Thanks.

@ Krazor, I thought about the doing a DIY Trampa, but in the end I couldn’t resist the tech & speed that is in the Bajaboard.

Hi Srapy, it looks like the CV 6001Z bearings have gone bad. One has a lot of “slop” the other corners are in fair condition, but will need replacing in the future. Did you get some replacement bearings from Baja or did you look for upgrades? I just wrote Baja, I hope the bearings are under warranty.

The bearings seem to be pressed fit. any pointers on getting them out? Thanks

If you get them for free, take them, if not, buy them from manufacturers like SFK, FAG, etc. You have to use a bigger pin puncher. Just hammer against the bearing from the inside at an small angle. They should come out easily.

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Hi Srapy,

I decided to upgrade the bearings to OMNI Race TiN Titanium Ceramic bearings. Thanks for the tip on taping out the bearings, ill give that a try when I get home.

did you use any specific grease for the CVboot?
I have lithium grease from my other skateboards, would you use that for the CV?

Sorry no pics on my board, but when I can, I will put up.

Take a look at their website, there you will finde the grease they are using. Check the specification of the grease and you will find something similar to it. Normally any multi purpose grease should do it!

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Hi srapy,

maybe you can help me… As I previously mentioned, I have a GX4 2018.08 Bajaboard. I got it 2nd hand with 17miles on it. Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago I decided to tinker with it and take a look under the “hood” so to speak. I had just finished cleaning out the battery compartment and was putting the 900Wh 30Q battery pack back when it happened… I did not pay to much attention to this little white & frayed wire coming out from the pack… I should have known better (I am an Aerospace Engineer so I am a perfectionist with OCD). so as I was putting the batter back into the bay, the little white wire touched the “contactor”.

so now I am not 100% sure if my battery pack is still any good or where the this little white wire is to be attached to, but it seems like it is a loop that was not suppose to be out side the battery pack… Nor do I know if the mother board is working properly since it seems to keep vibrating on me when I power it on.

So at this point I am giving up and looking to upgrade the mother board to the 2019 MB w/ Tank mode. buying the 1.1KWh battery pack, I am also looking to get the 110A controllers, the 16T pulley. I am not sure if I want to go with their motors just yet. does anyone here have any suggestions on motor upgrades? I want to stay with 6374, but I am not sure which motor would be an upgrade to what Baja is offering since they have not revealed the specs to their motor. I have asked, but they are staying silent…

my playground is sunny silicon valley CA where the weather is always nice. and I am looking for more top speed. I use my board to commute to work and everywhere in Santa Clara county.

YES I am used to speeds in the high 30mps to low 40mph. I first started speeding with a VISA Dirtsurfer about 15years ago when only gas was available.

All suggestions on upgrading the motors would be welcomed.


Hi, well in your case to repair the battery i would inform myself more about batteries especially BMS. Its not rocket science :grin: You can get a new BMS and your problem is solved. I dont understand “keep on vibrating on me”. If you want to make a monster out of it use a vesc 6/6 plus and keep the motors, they are fine! You just should take care if the 1.1kwh battery pack can deliver enough amps to all 4 motors at the same time. Maybe some LiPos are the better option with a good charger like Junsi 4010 but then it will be less practical/comfortable without an BMS. The hole rebuild wont be cheap!

Hi Srapy,

Thanks for your input… maybe Baja will send me the schematics on the BMS once I spend some money with them… I have only cycled the batteries 4-5 times myself.

Let me elaborate what I mean by “keep on vibrating on me”… when I turn on the hand controller the controller is silent… it is when I power on the board and the board tries to communicate with the controller … the controller doesn’t stop vibrating… the low bat signal keeps flashing then the big blue lightning symbol flashes then back to the low battery… also the TCS pops up… its like the controller is possessed… so I am guessing I fried the mother board…

Any further thoughts? Thanks Srapy (yes I am capitalizing your 1st letter out of respect)

Some pictures of the damaged cables etc. would help us to help you. Now I understand, you mean the hand controller is vibrating. I thought the mainboard where all controllers and the battery is connected to is vibrating, thats why I was wondered. There must be something wrong with the bms, but we will see on your pictures. Controller normally vibrates if you go to a set limit like 20% battery charge. You will find it in the controller menu. What % does the controller show? Youre Welcome!