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Recommendations and opinions on motors



how dude? maytech manufacture a lot of different stuff inducing motors. if you buy high enough quanitity you can put your own logo. that is what a lot of vendors do…


contradicting yourself


anyway im not here to pick a fight


bro im so confused as to what you are saying. i have no clue. how is clarifying that TB motors are not maytech motors, contradicting?


well i just said they look like Tb and every other seller and you said maytech makes them so i am not sure if you meant Tb or others? so i said you just contradicted yourself cause you said they make them


yeah sorry i ment the “other” vendors you are referring to. TB motors are from a different factory.


Yea sorry i forgot i said others at the time so i just though you meant Tb


I also find if you dig enough you discover most are sister companies or owned by the same umbrella corp

bestech and Li tech (same)

I don’t think anyone is knocking rebranding or having a higher quality motor produced. It’s charging too much for them…