Raptor 2.1 Almost Catches Fire + Customer Service Fail

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to share with all of you my horrible experience regarding my recent (and ongoing) struggle with my Raptor 2.1 and Enertion support. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Here’s a quick summary of the events since I ordered the board more than 2 years ago:

June 2017:

  • Order Placed for the Raptor 2 (paid about $1400 USD)

Dec 2018:

  • Raptor 2.1 finally arrives!!

Mar 2019:

  • I was Riding my Raptor 2.1 near my home when the wheels lock up suddenly and throw me off the board (minor injuries sustained and clothing ruined). Board is unresponsive to remote input and also won’t turn off. I run inside, and start loosening the screws, board then starts to smoke but I was able to get the cover off and disconnect the fuse. pics below of the aftermath.

  • How it happened: it looks like a small bit of water made its way through the multiple seals and short circuited the board around the fuse (ironic, right?). Before people start making comments about me riding in water - this was a dry day and there were light wet spots on the bike path that I slowed down for but didn’t think much of. The wheels kick up water and spray the underside of the deck where it can then get into/through the seals. Jason has videos of him drenching the board with a hose and brags about the water resistance of these boards so I really didn’t expect a small bit of spray to defeat these seals.
  • I Contacted Enertion support and asked if this was covered under warranty and they said that indeed it was, they would take the board back and fix it free of charge.
  • I shipped the board to thier repair center in Montreal.
  • A few days later, I decided to cut my losses and I contacted them again and asked if I was able to get a refund for the board, they stated that this was no problem and subject to a 20% fee which I happily agreed to.

Apr 2019:

  • Board mysteriously arrives at my door despite my request for a refund. After contacting support, they tell me to ship it back again to the repair center which I did the next day.
  • Refund officially requested/input on Apr 14th 2019, promised to be processed and complete within 30 business days.

May 2019:

  • 30 business day mark passes, still no refund.

June 2019:

  • Weekly emails to support and still no explanation for the lack of refund.

July 2019:

  • Support states: “at this time, we’ve needed to allocate large amounts of funds to our supply chain so that we can meet current customer demand for our products. This has meant we haven’t been able to process your order refund as of yet, but we want to reassure you that your refund will be processed in the near future and that we haven’t forgotten about you.” - that’s great but then why did you agree to take my skateboard?
  • When asking for clarification on when exactly the refund will be processed, I get no concrete answer. Looks like an indefinite wait for refunds at this point?
  • I Asked for the possibility of getting my board back instead of the refund - this request got ignored.

Aug 2019:

  • Enertion support stopped responding to my emails.
  • End of Aug: Still no response from support to emails or requests for updates.

Now: Overall I’ve tried to be patient and understanding with the support team but it feels like they’ve really dropped the ball here. I can get past the poor quality of the skateboard since I know they’re a new company and have to overcome many engineering and supplier challenges. What I can’t accept is that they knowingly took my skateboard with no intention of providing a refund and now I’m out $1400! I wouldn’t have agreed to send my board back if I knew I would never get a refund!! Now they’re just ignoring me and it really feels like I’m out of options at this point.

Has anyone out there experienced anything similar? Any advice for this situation? Hopefully this post doesn’t get taken down. All events above are factual and I just want to raise awareness on the lack of transparency from the company.

TL;DR: Raptor2.1 almost catches fire, Enertion happily takes my board but refuses to provide refund.


This checks out. Seems legit.


This is about the size of the puddle that took out my 1st Raptor 2.

This quality of the R2 is absolutely disgusting. It’s literally a really cool looking, poorly QC’d, piece of garbage that doesn’t love up to any of the marketing hype that Enertion uses.

They are a scam company in my opinion. Just because they’ve shipped out product doesn’t mean they aren’t. They lie to their customers and in turn steal from them.

Good luck dude. Hopefully you get your money back soon.


I heard they don’t even pay their employees either!


It’s probably why their customer service went down the tube. :wink:

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I’m not surprised honestly. I never understood why the Unity was listed as Pre-order even though they had already shipped units to customers. Plus taking payment for goods not shipping, or even manufactured. I always viewed that as a company taking money from sales, and using it to pay for the manufacturing of the goods. Problem with that is when people want refunds for items not shipped in a timely manner, the company then is short for the cost of the manufacturing.

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This is a good point. The proper way to handle this from an accounting perspective is to allocate a percentage of cash as a reserve fund so that you can stay liquid when debtors (or unhappy customers) come knocking but it looks like this didn’t happen at all.


Sorry about the issues my friend. What really gets me uptight is the fact that they shipped you a defective product and then had the audacity to charge you 20% for the privilege let alone the rest of the drama. If you want to be sure that the problem is aired and not removed then post it over on the esk8 news forum too. People need to know about these shady practices.


I am in a similar situation like you. My board was a lemon and they simply couldn’t send a replacement to switzerland due to customs issues. so they agreed to a full refund.

I am waiting for my refund since february 2019. but I have contact with enertion and they are very honest with me. At least I know why they are unable to process refunds at the moment. yes it looks shady but it isn’t really.

today I called my creditcard company - enertion suggested to do that! normally you can only query a payment 30days after the transaction but I explained the situation about the “preorder” and so on. so they told me to file a complaint and provide all emails and stuff - looks like its going to work.

If you want another raptor instead of your refund, enertion will happily send you one for sure. thats an easy solution for them. contact adrian.

so much for the 110% back if you’re not happy with the raptor :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So basically, enertion has stolen your money.


That’s what it looks like… :frowning_face:


I had no idea others were facing the same issues, this is good to know. I had the same problem with filing a dispute (>30 days) but thank you for the added info, I’ll contact my bank and ask about this.

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Back up! Got any proof they told you that? I need to see this. They’ve been trying for months to stop people from contacting their credit companies.

I’m not certain anyone has ever been able to claim this.


Can you get it if you don’t own one but are just not happy with it anyway?


@CarlCollins has been super helpful to me in the past. Maybe he can look into your situation and offer some help as well. I’m not sure how the raptor is as a whole board but their unity has been great and I love it!!

That’s funny, his response is the last one I got in early August basically saying “We don’t have any updates for you at this time”. Nothing but silence after that…

Bump! Any updates image


Just do the charge back even if he liquidates the company he will get away with not paying you that way too and not sending customers their items.

1- take out credit card,

2- turn over credit card,

3- Call your credit card and do the charge back they will get hit with the$50 fine but you WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!

dont let them fool you they think everyone is an idiot and they can rip us off and string you along with false promises or re-using excuses they used before


or the best excuse they are giving… "its the customers who are fed up with our flat out lies and did chargebacks that has caused our company to implode"