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Put your Ride Spots on the MAP!


Ahh right pretty neat :slight_smile:


That idea sounds awesome…well that’s if it was ever possible which I recon it could be! Added my usual ride path to google maps btw :slight_smile:


Just added a few of my favorite spots in and around downtown Dallas, TX. This got me looking at google maps and I’ve found a few other “bike trails” that I need to go scope and see if they’re worth adding!


So I was in Alaska recently and the amount of paved trails they have is amazing. They seem to go for miles out of every reasonably sized town. Specifically Anchorage, Seward, Homer and a lot in between.

I had a brief fantasy that maybe the Iditarod trail consisted of a lot of paved bike trails and that a group with support could esk8 the Iditarod, but turns out it now goes from Willow to Nome and the locals say that the route is mostly marshland in the summer.

I had already started working on my design for a dual motor ultra-long range mountain board when my dreams were dashed.


https://youtu.be/HC4CXQRwMnU PHILLY


A great informative map with lots of potential; Thanks for creating this!

I will add a few spots once I get my 1st e.board build completed… I have a few ride spot ideas but will not add anything until I can confirm they are fun/smooth locations etc

Also thanks to whoever posted the Bournemouth (UK) info, ( @WeeChumlee ?) especially the ‘‘Starbucks Plug sockets’’ location as I will definitely be making a trip down to Bournemouth once I am up and Riding! :smiley:



I’m bumping this up because it’s an awesome resource.


Is there a way to edit a location on the map? for some reason one of my locations (East Lk Samm trail) migrated away from its intended location to the middle of nowhere.


Has this map got a url yet?

Its it closed to edits now?. Win10 lappy, i see no way to add to it?