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Pulleys for Trampa SuperStar and Hypa


@Maxid, @Tamatoa, @banjaxxed

I do not have time to create a shop.
For me, it’s a hobby, not a main business. I want to change it in 3-4 months, but not now.

I have a lot of motor mounts for various trucks. I am working above next types
I will try to catalog my mounts and belt drives in November

A few weeks ago I bought a milling machine.
Still learning the art of milling.
These are the first effects of my work on the milling machine, and will be next :smiley:


Well noted, thanks for the information. I did not intend to criticize when I said that I was confused. Even if you don’t have everything catalogued yet, you still took the time to give an answer to my question quite fast and that is good enough for me.
Anyways, keep up the good work, looks like you already know a lot about milling, you could have me fooled. Those pulleys look great.


It does not treat your question as a critique. I know that in my topics there is chaos and I have to change it :confused:


You are doing great progress - love to see your stuff get more popular.

@Nowind also does not really have his own store. I saw his direct drive on a German marketplace for esk8 stuff though - maybe that is something you could consider? No idea if they charge fees or anything though. Just wanted to mention it for you to think about. https://shop.elektro-skateboard.de

What battery enclosure are you using for that trampa build? This pneumatic thing is growing on me daily and I am already thinking about next year :wink:


A simple google doc with pictures would do the trick imo


Id like to order a setup from you…where do i start…im new to thé forum…


Can i make a order here for uk


Are the pulleys still available please and how do I pay please


@ Dirtynunfishing
What hubs do you have?


Superstar hubs
Can you send me a price for a double set up please
I’m in the UK