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Project Zephyr | Rayne Reaper | CarVon Dual Hub Motor | Enertion SPACE | Dual VESC | Nyko Kama


I started putting things together this weekend and here are some pictures to show and request for advice. Decided to use Rayne Reaper as it has a very flat deck to mount SPACE cell. I still need to work on connection to Nyko Kama receiver.
Pictures 3 and 4: Is my Canbus OK?
Pictures 5 and 6: My friend (who works with electronics) recommended soldering this way to power both VESC to Enertion Space cell, instead of soldering both power leads together onto one XT60 connector. Any comments?


FABulous | undecided deck | Single Carvon V2 hub motor | SPACE Cell | VESC

Can’t answer any of your questions but since I’m thinking about SPACE cell + carvons duals, I’m interested to see your speeds and range


i second that interest. I’m very interested in Carvons right now.

@sgaana How much flex is in that deck? The Space cell doesn’t like to bend much. There are ways around that, but i look forward to seeing your solution. That deck is pretty low.

Are you planning to fab your own box or repurpose something you found?


I think @lowGuido , @chaka , or @sl33py might have more input, but my first thought is that you’re increasing the demand placed on that first set of capacitors. I don’t know whether this is optimal or not. I haven’t seen anyone else w the spacecell and dual ESC\VESC wire the power in this way. It seems more straightforward to just use a splitter with xt60 connectors. Either way, make sure to heat shrink all of this.


One set of caps will work fine but he is using both sets. I good idea since those samxon caps a have a really bad reputation.


I agree with @treenutter about the capacitor thing but i am not a master like some of the other guys. The canbus looks good. What was your friends reasoning in connecting that way instead of the xt60 soldering like most people do? To me… i would avoid soldering things like capacitors that can be damaged from heat. But that is my opinion. Soldering the capacitor runs more risk IMO. I suck at soldering


@chaka so if i solder the xt60 from both vesc together to plug into the space cell and also connect the capacitors together would that be the best way?


If you join the capacitor boards like it has been done here there is no need to join both XT-60’s.


Gotcha. Would it be a problem if i did connect it the way i said though?


No, it will be fine, just a bit redundant.


I quite like the way you have wired them together. Nothing wrong with that at all.


@broshi Will check the range once is running. But unlikely to try maximum speed as I will be using just for commuting. So if I reach 10km/hour, I will be pleased.


Bro it will go way faster then that! Might as well walk at 10 km/h. I can kick 6 miles at a constant 21 km/h. 21 would be a good speed for commuting which your board will do all to easily. Can’t wait to see your board finished bro.


oh yeah that is some very clever wiring. I’m borrowing this idea for sure.


@longhairedboy Very stiff, made of bamboo and fiberglass.
I am not sure of what type of enclosure o use. But first have to figure out how to mount.


He said is “cleaner” without having make any changes to the wires and XT60 connectors.
He also said this is reversible.


Cool. Based on what chaka said… the way you hooked that up if one cap goes bad the other will still be good and enough for both vesc? Guess that is the best way.


Yeah, Also worth noting, Caps don’t last forever and should replaced fairly regularly.


How often would you say?


the correct answer is: It depends.

maybe you skate every day… maybe only once a month…

I reckon I’d be doing mine yearly.