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Project Red | DB Freeride 38 inch | Dual 6374 170kv | 10s4p | 2x Focboxes | Eskating enclosure | 97mm wheels



Im about to update the focboxes from the stock bldc 2.18 fw.
Is it still the Ackmaniac FW that is the best out there? Or should i go for the vesc tool 3.400?

Will start with bldc and then move over to Foc-mode. =)


Delivery from @fottaz arrived today!

  • battery enclosure
  • 10S4p
  • metr module
    -bullet connectors


Is rear facing motor mounts an option for you? That might help you be able to eliminate your risers so that your deck can be lower to the ground. Will help with handling.


This is looking like a really nice build are you doing the threaded inserts


Of course, threaded inserts looks the best!


I don’t like reverse mounts. Most of the time I’m kicking my board up in my hands and it would be impossible with reverse.
My mounts are also not made for reverse install.


Building day !
Todays tasks

  • Install the enclosure
  • Drill the deck to make room for the m4 inserts
  • Solder bullet connectors.

Started with drilling the enclosure.
Used masking tape to point out on where to drill the enclosure, decided to go with 6 screws along the sides.

Started drilling with a 4mm drillbit.

Next i taped the enclosure to the deck just to make sure it wouldnt move out of alignment.
Made a small mark on the deck using the drilled holes one the enclosure.

Next i used a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm drill bit to make the hole big enough for the insert.
This helps to prevent the wood in the deck from cracking.

Then it was time to install the inserts.
I found that these inserts i got from ebay works great, on my previous build they were solid and never caused any issues.
Its important to make sure not the tighten it to hard, when you feel resistence STOP. Its good enough.
m4 inserts.

All done!

Test install the enclosure with the aluminum washers.

Looks amazing IMO

Coffe break and then time to do some sodering.


Looking good my friend. Nice use of tape for depth. Old trick but effective. I use a bit stop now and thats just the business. Little collar that grub screws onto the bit. Stops the eventual slip and full penetration. oooh full penetration. :sunglasses:


Looks clean, like the rest of the build. I just HATE those inserts. Those have been backing out on me unlike my other board with slotted. Did you use any epoxy when inserting the insert? Also are you attaching hardware to the deck or to the enclosure.

Oh and I love the aluminum washers! I have a set of red ones in case you need some. Although, I think the red ones I have are M5’s.


On my previous build i had ZERO problems with the inserts.
Dont use any epoxy or such i just screw them in with a screwdriver.
I think that most people over tighten the inserts and it makes the wood go soft. I stop as soon as feel that it bottoms out.

Im going to attach the hardware to the enclosure. I been thinking of attaching it to the deck for easy maintenance, haven’t decided yet.


So i test installed everything and noticed one of the motors was making this high pitch noise.

It was really noticeable during the test ride…started to google and found out that this tb 6374 is quite prone to have issues and the first theory was that it was caused by loose magnets.
So i went a head and pulley the motor apart to check for rubbing.

This tool is super useful for this application, and i works great to remove motor pulleys to!

There where some rubbing marks on 2 magnets and they where loose and also had cracked on the underside of the magnet.

One of the broken magnets

I decided to ditch the motors for now until i can get new magnets and hopefully repair the motor.

I fortunately found a great deal on some 6374 190kv sealed motors that im going to use instead!
The new motor was a bit wider so i had to remove the clamps and reinstall them further apart to get some space.
Installation of the motors.

I noticed that i couldnt remove the motor when the pulley was installed and it was due to the mount being thicker at the end so i took the dremel and made some room so i can remove the motor in a easy way if i have to.

Both motors installed.

I did order a metr module last year but unforuntatly it couldnt be used with my phone so i had to upgrade to the metr pro.
Did the wiring and installed it inside the case

Installed everything and programmed the vescs.
I first wanted to try BLDC but i was not able to do detection so i went the FOC route… Had no issued detecting in FOC.
Used the following settings on each vesc.
Motormax 60A
Motormin -40A
Batterymax 30A
Battery min -8A

Foc felt really good, no cogging at all and the startup from 0 was amazing.

I think i will up the settings to 70A on motormax and 40A on the battery.
The motors are only rated for 70A so i guess its best to play it safe :slight_smile:
Now its 98% done!


Increased the settings to
Motor max : 70A
Battery max : 40A

Feels great, acceleration is crazy from standstill but im a bit disappointed on the top speed, its around 40km/H at 70-60% battery so probably around 43km/h on 100% charge.

Placed a order on 18T pulleys so my setup will be 18/36 with 97mm wheels, hoping to get around 46-48km/h on full charge :slight_smile:

Super satisfied with the results!
Foc really makes it feels more refined and braking is so much better in FOC compared to bldc.
Now lets just hope the focboxes can withstand the settings in the long run :crossed_fingers:


Modded my remote last night.
I now have a bicycle bell attached to the maytech steez, super convenient :+1:


Dry weather in sweden so couldnt resist to ride for 30min.

Did shoot a acceleration test.
Its crazy… fast as a mother ****


Today i recived some AT-wheels.
Will start with adding some paint to remove the chrome lip .

Then i need to cut off the flange on the motor pulley , cuz at the moment the tire rubs on the pulley,
I guess AT is more suited for reverse mounts since it will add some clearance.