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Programmable Supply Power 60v 15A 35$


Not really. It was one of those times I just messaged a bunch of aliexpress sellers to see if anything would stick, and I think a seller ended up texting me that they had what I wanted, so I made a group buy. But I no longer have the contact information.


Can someone with the DPS5015 (or5020) tell me what‘s the maximum voltage you get out of these? Is it 50V or maybe can they do 50,4V?


if the cells in the graph were disconnected from a bms while discharging would the bum cell be later charged or would the bms recognize it was too low?


What cheap PSU do you use with these, especially i‘m interrested for the 20A one.
And if someone can answer my previous question (50,4V?), that would be awesome:)


The output voltage is set digitally. It’s not an analog knob with digital readout. My buck unit maxes out at 50.0v.

Wait a couple of days, I’ll test the DPH version. :slight_smile:


Tested DPH5015 on a 24v source. The max settable voltage is 50.00v. After powering up, indicated 49.96v, measured with a good quality multimeter 49.93v.


May i ask you what PSU are you using? 24V how many Amps? I doubt this can only step down, but yure making 50V out of 24V, have to read description again:)


Hey @Hummie I bought that PSU (60v 8a gold knob) a while ago, to use it to feed one of those DPS6005 power supplies, or a hobby charger. I’m now trying to charge my 15s pack to 54v, and was looking around on amazon.

Looks the same as the LM YN one. One of the reviews says:

Hmm sounds like current limit aka CC at 8.3a? I have XLR for charge port, so I can easily handle 8.3a…

I have a cheap electronic load that can do 60v 10a to max of 150w. This type of thing:


(If you buy, be careful, there are subtle differences, and fakes of the good one lol)

So I put the load on the PSU, used the gold knob to dial up about 12v, and kept dialing up the current up on the load. Started at 3a, went up .1a at a time. Got all the way to 10a. Hmmmm, definitely didn’t limit itself at 8.3a. Didn’t shut itself down or pop and let out smoke either.

I can’t test at more interesting voltages, as I hit the 150w ceiling. I actually have 2 different 150w electronic loads. I can hook them up in parallel but still I’m at 300w max, and the PSU is 480w.

Anyway, I was hoping the PSU would protect itself by limiting current, but at least my version (LM YN) does not do so, at least at 12v. I have no idea what would happen if I up the voltage all the way up but I suspect magic smoke.

Have you hooked yours up to a pack?

EDIT for 13s voltage the cheapest nice thing seems to be:


$58-ish. It’s a PSU so no termination.


are also interesting but $$$. They can be serial/USB controlled, so can do termination maybe with a RPI…

My commute starts at the top of a hill so I’m always messing around with the termination voltage.


My golden knob still goes. I don’t know how it limits the current and Mine goes a bit over too. Still going though although haven’t been using it much. I don’t think it would have a problem w the higher voltage. Might as well try it. They’re down to like 45$ now
Not as high a voltage as u want and I thought I remember one that did higher but has the current knob


Can someone make a final guide with links to what you need for charging a 12s battery to full charge (50.4v)?