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Problems with Enertion Wheel Pulley


Hello I recent got my wheel pulley and I was testing it out putting it on the truck and it seems theres not a gap big enough? Here are some pictures tell me what you guys think. What is the solution here?

The trucks are Caliber 180
83mm wheels
Enertion Wheel Pulley

Enertion pulleys, US / North American for sale

They are meant for longer axles like enertion trucks. You can grind some of the aluminum on the hanger to expose more axle like longhairedboy does


enertion sells trucks that work with this pulley, also the product page says that normal trucks need to be modified. there is a video showing it.


is there a video online on how to do that?


The width of a bearing …just cut the aluminum around the steel axle …and take it off …hacksaw or dremel…

Takes a few more mins …easy…



Hi, I have the same problem but with the Enertion Truck!


You should have one truck with a big hanger and another with a smaller (for the pulleys to be mounted)


Thank you man, I’ve only received 1 truck, maybe is the front one?


That’s another question, why only 1 truck :D?


No clue lol, what did you order?


1 x Rspec pro+ kit
4 x Belts
1 x SPACE cell pro4
1 x Fast charger


You might want to hack the hanger or get a replacement


Enertion didn’t send to me the complete order, they told me that will send to me the missing parts in 10-20 days.

Over the Truck and 15T pulley I also miss SPACE and Fast Charger, hope they will read my email and will send the Truck & Pulley also!!!


Hang in there, your second truck and the rest will come eventually.
It’s the same situation as I got my raptor. First the raptor, then 1,5 week after it the battery.
I’m a smoker, it’s like having cigarettes without a lighter. Vice versa is less worse ^^


Haha thats right!! Im waiting news from Enertion, hope to ride soon


yep, you have them on the wrong truck. The rear truck will have either one or two “short” sides on the hanger. The axle is the same length on both front and rear trucks, but the amount of aluminum is less on the rear truck to make room for the pulley.

I would advise against chopping that truck if you know you still have parts coming. One of those parts is probably the correct truck for those pulleys.


Thank you @longhairedboy. Im waiting reply from enertion support, I will wait…I won’t chop it.


Don’t chop it… our truck factory screwed us… so we are waiting on our narrow hanger trucks… we decided to send all the other parts to keep you busy.


Thank you man, I’m waiting the last parts to complete my eboard. Compliments for your products!