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Potential Cheap 10s BMS/Charger


this charger
and this BMS

$43 total for both of em. Thoughts?


shipping is the only issue the bms itself is fine


it’s a better price than buying a 10s charger


Max discharge current is only 30A. You want a minimum of 60 if you’re going to route discharge through the BMS.


They have a 50/100A version for only 26bucks.


Looks alright, but I wouldn’t personally spend that little on a BMS. I mean this is the thing protecting the battery. Also if it fails, your board won’t be moving very much.


yeah i have mixed feelings about that price point. Its definitely inexpensive, but it could also be cheap


You definitely want something that you can confidently leave charging, and feel safe that it won’t start is lithium fire. I have to watch my charger like a hawk, and regularly check how warm the battery is getting, because I bought the cheapest charger I could find. Don’t be me.


You don’t HAVE to - you WANT to because it makes you feel better. Ever had something actually happen? You would probably do the same with an expensive charger.

I do the same with my balance charger and listen to any noise in my house when the batteries are charging. But there was never an actual issue.


I’ve never had a problem, but I wish I was confident enough to at least leave it charging overnight.