Post your Hummie deck builds


Dont know if someone could help me out but figure best place too maybe post since its about hummies. So my doublestack enclosure not fitting my 12s6p ds pack, ive made it slightler taller & I need an enclosure just slightly taller then bens enclosure.


Have you tried ‘filling the gap’ with a gasket?


Its like 1/2 " gap i feel thats too much of a gap


Odd it should fit easily diagonally stacked and with padding. How is your battery put together?


Actually it really isn’t that bad. I have close to that on my Lacroix to fit double stack. I used a thick rubber gasket.


I have decided to rename this board as the “The Ender”

I have to retire due to injury! Board will be up for sale minus the unity.


I think you myst have a single stack by mistake? @Powadangaboards shame you’ve crashed out. Popular boards though, should fly off the shelf if you really must…


Unfortunately so @bigben under doctors orders, they said I i sustain another impact or jolt it could cause permanent damage to Both my knee and spine :confused: end of the eskate line for me.


Seems to be a bit of that going around this year


Ill send photo once i get home from work. I also believe its a single stack enclsoure instead dou le stack


Single stack.

Double stack.

Notice the difference along the long side. The rise is much smoother on the single where it’s slightly concave on the double.


Single stack vs double stack


Yea from looking @neiru37 pictures it appears they mistakenly gave me single stack i believe. Becuase my top doesnt look that high on mines. Ill double check when i get home. Will be home in like 2hours or so


This is the one that i bought. Is it the DB version ?


You’re photo doesn’t look like it’s downloaded?


Picture should be uploaded now


That’s a double stack. I don’t see why that won’t fit if your batteries are triangular stack?


I feel like i made the pack just a little bit taller maybe because i heatshrink each 2s6p pack then gave another shrink wrap but this time the whole pack. I feel by me doing that it made my pack a little bulkier


If you’ve done that with the packs it’ll mean they don’t fit in between each other I’d guess and make it taller?


How about some pictures of the battery. I don’t see how the shrink wrap interferes unless you wrapped a single layer of 2s6p and then stack on top of that.