Buy FOCBOX Unity

Post good deals from the internet here!





Bustin is having a sale now for their decks, 40% off for the first 100, 30% for the rest till 15 Nov. Bought 2 decks last night!



graphens on hk super cheap at the moment!
unfortunately only from the global warehouse.
@Kug3lis in case you need some more…:sweat_smile:


If I would buy I would wait for black Friday I got mine for half price back then :smiley:

Also I am running 3S not 6S


Not sure if absolutely outrageously bullshitty deals belong to this thread but… hey… at $44.99, someone’s gotta fall for it…

Note: Please put a condom on your credit card, or even on your web browser before buying!


Seems safer/more reliable than buying an Evolve


Ohhh ya :rofl:




You can get calibers on amazon prime for 30 sometimes cheaper.


love that image! “we’ll just carry it there and no-one will notice it didn’t get there by itself”

I ride on surfaces like that with my Bajaboard and its got big travel in the suspension and its still sketchy (torn off an ESC last time I was out) :slight_smile:

EDIT: this one is even better


No one has ever stood on that deck haha


I backed that Backfire Ranger X1. I really hope it can go through boulders because that’s what I planned to do. :rofl:

Marketing people are hilarious


I want to flag this just because it’s an obvious scam and doesn’t go along with the intent of the thread


these are $27 from the global warehouse, buy 5 of these with a charger and you can get free shipping.


note precision katanas, new, priced at the same amount as one truck.

deck is a penguin knock-off (good)

good hunting.


This seems like a good deal, right? Two FSESC6.6s for the price of one:


Less than 4eur for VTC5A