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POLL: Carvon delivery times (Website, Kickstarter rewards, Group Buy, etc.)


Have you received your motors yet? I can’t imagine waiting 10 months. I paid $3000 for a EVO 4WD. It would be crazy to expect them to send someone a board then accept payment installments over 10 months. But that’s basically what they’re doing with these unreasonable delays. They advertise a 3-5 week build time on their site. If they know they are this backed up why not be upfront? To add insult to injury they don’t respond to emails! WTF! I’m giving them a week for product or refund. If not I’m filing a fraud claim with my credit card company and PayPal. Life’s too short and theres other options



I received my SD-XL on October 22nd. 10 months late and 11 months and 3 weeks after placing the order (50 weeks to the day from placing an order to having a product).

I recommend you file a charge back as soon as possible if you are not willing to wait the ridiculous delays without communication.

Reading through the thread, I am so glad I didn’t waste any more money on an EXO. Saved myself a lot of anguish there.


Wow! Thanks for letting me know