Pocket Rocket|BKB Tayto|BigBen Enclosure|Dual 6355|11S4P|20700B|Surf Rods|Caguamas|S2 Bindings|Unity


Beautiful. What enclosure you use?


I used the @Eboosted SS with @JLabs 11s3p battery.


So these should work?


Not if you’re going dual 6355


These should work since they look to have 60mm axles.


And for these axles I should use 6900ZZ bearings?


11s4p is definitely not possible, if you want to run such a big battery you better get the DS enclosure, but if you do that then you will no longer have a light board.

My spud has 10s3p and on 15/36T it’s surprisingly torquey on 85mm Caguamas, i. Also tested the 15/40T but it’s really lame and lack of fun, not much increase in torque at all. So choose your pullies wisely


I’d second 15/36.

One thing I learned about @psychotiller mounts, if you take a file and remove the powdercoat from the middle of the motor mount, you can fit a regular 8mm skate bearing inside. That give your motor shaft some extra support and the tension is perfect for 15/36 with a 275mm belt.


Awesome tricks, thank you :slight_smile:


First part in, had to get them from Sweden :grin:
They are super soft to the touch


Small update
Tayto and modular kegels pulleys ordered :slight_smile:


Get sum 10


Im using a smiilar set up, anyone think dual 6374 with 11s3p battery would be wreckless on a tayto?


It would unless you’re over 100kg, then it’s recommended


Do you think a single 6374 would be more than sufficient?


Single sk3 6374 with low kv would be sufficient


Unity ordered
Thanks to kind souls from this forum, I got a secret Santa gift also and it happens to be Surfrodz with PT mounts :scream:
Now what about adding Breakboard truck to the back and having drive train in the front?


Or brake board in the front and drivetrain at the back? Might make for a more natural feeling board


For me is more natural to brake with the heel than toes. And tkp in front should be more nimble than back


Whatever happens these are some serious first world decisions :smiley: