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Please help! My board won’t charge


Do you own a multimeter? Have you checked all the voltages?


Yes i checked all the voltage on the cells, end plug, voltage coming in everything is fine on that lines but the charger doesn’t change color of light it’s shows full all the time
I have this
50.4V 1.5A Battery Charger for DIY Skateboard 12S 44.4V 43.2V 50.4V Charger Li-ion Electric Bike Battery Input 110-220V https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076KJD4J5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_7Zz5Bb89XM8Y5


Voltage out the charger is good?
Connect the charger and measure the voltage, see if it’s dropping when connected. If you have a current clamp you can also measure if there is any current running through the lines.

Could it be a bad led on the charger? Have you let it go for an hour or two and see if it’s really not charging


Pretty sure @Sender had the same problem. He fixed it by resetting the bms. He also had the D140


I did conect the charger to the board and Check the cables on the board and it shows 50v what the charger is
Is it supposed to show that or does it think it’s charged ?


How do I reset the bms ?


How did you reset the bms ?


Actually that wasn’t me. I did have an intermittent charging issue one time, but it was a connection issue.

In my case I had a bullet connector somewhere (dont remember off the top of my head where, but pretty sure it was between charge port and bms) that some rosin had dripped down into the the connector while soldering. It was hard to identify because it worked sometimes.

Are you getting your full pack voltage through the charge port (careful not to short it)


Yes that’s what the charge port cables going to bms negative and battery positive read 50v


Damn. I know how frustrating this is. It would be nice to try a different charger. Nobody local with one?


Did you have continuity on the wires I had you check? You either have: broken charging wires, or one of your cell groups is above 50.4 volts and your bms is stopping the charge to protect it…Or less likely: the bms is bad.


It is hehe but it’s good to Get all the help from everyone thanks
I ordered another it should be here tomorrow
One question? So when you plug a charger to the battery it doesn’t show all Voltage? Does it show the what the battery voltage and it go’s up from there ?


All the groups are fine I think 3.25


Whatever you do must use a BMS for charging.


You might wanna explain a bit more as there are few thousand esk8s out there that have bypassed BMS’s running.


@mmaner I mean don’t try to charge without a BMS all together. Bypassed discharge is fine. Bypassed charge is not. My board would not charge so I removed the BMS. Damages only totaled $2600 but should it have been at night it could have been the life of my family, myself and everyone else staying in the same hotel as I when it happened


I totally understand, but you must realize when you say things like that the perception or understanding become wildly different base on the user. I, for example, understood your statement to mean “don’t do charge only BMS’s because you’ll die”. As that is not true I was concerned.

I am sorry for the los of your board, that sucks something fierce. If there’s anything I can do to help you get riding again just say the word.


@mmaner You’re too kind man. I was luckily able to save up funds to build another. If you could come up with a 6374 (or larger) motor that will last, that would help😅


That’s the million dollar lottery right there :slight_smile:.

I have a 6374, sensorless, that I repaired if that helps you at all. It’s used, but your welcome too it.


@Blacksheep I really want to help you with this battery, but it really doesn’t seem like your doing the things people here have asked you to check(including myself).

@Trdolan03 It’s only unsafe if you don’t know what you are doing. Sounds like you bypassed your BMS and tried to charge without checking the cell groups individual voltages.

EDIT: To clarify I do recommend everyone use a BMS(its just easier). But if you balance charge and monitor cells consistently it can be safe.