Pitbull Esk8 & Board


Truly? It arrived in perfect operating condition, first time & on time?


No exactly on time, but worked first time great!!


It truely is a bummer man, forecast in Cali says partly cloudy and no chance of rain then next thing you know it, it starts pouring on you. Even when the rain dries up, the floor is damp and your wheels will be slipping, caused me to face plant.


another user on the forums @808Chopz has reported ordering and receiving a battery from Chris, figured I would put it up here and in a little we can check back with you to see how things are going.

@RealaPolarBear Hey PolarBear, how is your pack holding up?


Working really well!! Having a blast cruising longer range. Will post my full review next week on the battery range. Still in testing mode.


Good news!


I just checked in with @the-frenchie and it looks like the board from Pitbull was finally received. Looooong time coming, but glad we got some results.

Frenchie can we get you to chime in on this once you’ve had time to test it out and review? Cheers mate!


Board is at home …:blush:… A review is coming soon …


My board is holding up great, battery works great and it’s a pretty noticeable upgrade from two 3s 5000mah lipos


Just to clarify… You’re upgrading from a 6s battery to 10s.

May I ask what you’re riding?


I am currently riding a single motor 10s5p setup using TB VESC and 97mm wheels if that answers your question, let me know if you want specifics and i’ll provide.


Thank you! Do you know what battery cells were used?

May I ask the same basic questions of your previous board?


says it right here you goon


It’s been a hell of a morning…


All good homie :slight_smile:


How has the board worked out for you in the end?