Pitbull Esk8 & Board

Sure hope so…

I don’t know if anyone has posted about this, but I have indeed received my battery from Pitbull about a week ago and it’s great quality any works well. Chis’ costumer support was great for me and he was always trying to do the best thing for the customer for me. Give him a little more patience as you have to remember all of his products are hand-made and he probably has an abundance of orders from Black Friday and the holidays (Also shipping batteries isn’t the easiest thing). Hopefully you receive your board soon, but Chris does run a legit company. Good luck.


Uh… yes it is easy. It’s only hard to accomplish when you don’t have the batteries in the first place. How many batteries have you shipped? I’ve shipped 6 personally. It was cheap and easy. It only takes one extra sticker for caution and always use ground shipping. Nice captain save a hoe dude. :wink:


It’s a step in the right direction, thanks for the update.

Maybe check back in with us in a few weeks? I don’t mean to sound as though I expect the parts to break, but generally if something goes wrong, it’s going to happen quite quickly on an eboard

Good luck!

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Maybe it’s because I just look like I stepped out of a Snoop level hotbox at all times, but ups, USPS and fedex all hate me and have denied all battery shipping efforts I’ve given.

My only working shipping method is illegal, unfortunately. I understand the point polar makes, but there’s always two sides to it when it involves the post office :roll_eyes:

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It might be because I work for a global manufacturing/distribution company. USPS won’t send lithium batteries ever. But UPS and FedEx will send them no problems if marked correctly with ground only shipping. Been doing it for years now.

UPS with ship for sure no problems. Just talked to their driver about a minute ago.

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Lucky dawg…

If it’s not my eyes it’s my luck then :joy::joy:

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Yeah that’s about the same luck for me when I shipped a battery. I don’t know why it was a hassle for me.

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So what brought you to the forum? You been skating long? What’s your ride?


Needing help with VeSC is why I came, I been longboarding for about 4 years and built my electric skateboard about a year ago.

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Right on, nice to have you here!

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@RealaPolarBear will you please post some pictures of the battey?

I want to see this

You speak of…


$2 says there are no pictures of it…?

Here are some photos


@RealaPolarBear Send me your PayPal bruv lol


Nice, glad you had a good experience.

Always be aware though that batteries often times can look good in shrink wrap, but have less than optimal quality where it counts.

Not saying that is the case here or anything, just good to be aware…


I’m guessing you haven’t had any issues with the pack so far? May I ask the approximate number of miles or cycles on it?

I don’t like that taped bit at the bottom… Does the shrinkwrap not completely enclose the battery?

What’s the white stuff too? More shrinkwrap?

I usually shrink mine (lipo and liiom) twice. It makes it easier to get to the BMS sensor plug to measure voltages and saves shrink when you only have to replace part of it.

The white stuff at the bottom is like a stiff plastic-like pad just meant to protect The batteries, it’s on both sides. The black is just more tape to close up the sides. No issues with the pack so far, only a couple miles on it because I’ve had school and I’m still testing it out while wondering why California is raining all the time :cry: