Pitbull Esk8 & Board

Well i hope that it can be resolved and is nothing more than just a communication error somewhere that can be happily resolved :slight_smile:


Not that much Confidential … But yes definitely Concerning & Urgent …
I will let us know …
I waiting very few days .

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Please reply to my PM’s or in our original conversation thread to discuss this, rather than posting publicly where people may make false assumptions regarding my business.

I have messaged you directly. Please reply to my private message so i can understand what this is about. Thank you.


Are you the owner of the company?
If so are the 12s4p Panasonic packs available with a charge only bms?

For sure Dareno I can easily understand the issue with bad Customer …

Trust me i’m the more patient Customer ever never …
Patient and also paying all my invoice in less than 2 days …

Not to open a debate or polemic but just to clarify …

Yeah… I saw your number on your website and the only reason I though he would be posting here is if you weren’t answering your phone. Who knows :man_shrugging:

Also, if you don’t want to post you cell number but still have a contact number on your website in the future, try SmartLine from godaddy to create a second phone number you can manage via an app. I use it for another small business and it works great!


hes this guy

how dont you know him already?


Does he ship Worldwide?

well hes mr worldwide so probably yea


Now he just has to dale!


This is also true, you have been a very patient customer, which is why i was puzzled to see your post on here. No worries.

Thanks for the PM.

Yes I am the owner. A charge only BMS, i will look into this and report back. We dont have any of those on hand. But let me see what i can do.

May i ask why you would prefer to go that route?

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Haha, that guy looks way cooler than me. But thanks.

Because we all need to go faster and the kids make fun of us if we don’t bypass our BMS.


I was seriously considering adding to the listing a statement limiting battery sales to the US. We can ship internationally, however it does get a but pricy and will counter some of the discount.

I’ll get some examples of shipping costs. What country are you in?

I like to limit the battery through the vesc.
How about the battery without a bms at all and just balance wires sticking out.
Would that work?

Also can we get some pics and dimensions?

Unless you get a certificate its a no go

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+1 for charge only bms!


Was making a joke about Mr. Worldwide, I’m in the U.S. Got pics?