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Yeah hard to beat that one


#2 beats that one, easy. The Boosted tattoo seals the deal.


I will agree that @mmaner tattoo was inspired. Absolutely inspired but if he were to win then life as he knows it would be over. We can not condone this. We need to save him from himself.



Last two days to vote.


Congratulations @Riako you won!
Great job everyone. I hope everyone got a laugh or two from this.
Also big thanks to @psychotiller for being a good sport. Thick skin is a good thing on the interwebz.

Balls in your cort @Riako
Pick a picture(s), set a time limit, you can also add any additional rules or challenges.
Round 2 starts when you say.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thx a lot everyone !
And thanks you @psychotiller

Now I see how we could beautify people and as I’m not so familiar with all of you guys, it’s bit complicated for me to point someone.
So, did you think it could be a thing this time, to try …? If it’s not funny enough, I could designate myself with a super esk8 shoot :smile: … up to you, don’t want to frustrate you.

This is some new shot you may have seen of the lastest Kaly.NyC XL 2.0 porn-board (this is the thing to 'toshop :wink: no offense @Kaly blush: ) :

Same time frame, 2 weeks sounds good guys? The end for the vote the 1 March?
And same rules (see post 1) !

Good luck :v:


A thing totally works. People can photoshop anything/ anyone on top of said thing.
We have some creative people on here. They’ll figure it out.


I’ll have to really think about this one because it to beautiful to be between psychotiller legs


Perfect ! Yes I think so :wink:
I just make one, I will wait and post it maybe at the end of the WE for some inspiration… ^^


Just wondering if you have enough 4p battery groups? It looks like over 180


its a huge wall of batteries, but…
180 packs are 15 boards in 12s :thinking: like this it doesn´t sound as much anymore.


In fact … No :smile:
Just for my summer traveler build for the big french road trip I need 60 pack like this … and we are 4 (maybe 5) to make it.
For all of us, we have almost 1000 cells / 250 4p pack. We :pray: for a good price :blush:


Ok so, to motivate you a bit … some inspiration :smile:

I just want to show you the real tester of this amazing board :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , we all know that Kaly have a secret access under his workshop and know some collest guys.
Like Mikey !!!

Here on his top max, shredding and burning hard some new tires :crazy_face: :call_me_hand: :turtle: :rofl:

(EDIT : it could make a funny wallpaper too ^^)



Oh this months is gonna be hard to make a decision :joy:


Edits made for clarity


Man C’mon
My MAMA says that I need blonde hair :blush:


That cooould happen

Installing bearings is a bitch on tight seats, best left to the professionals…squirrels that is

Ramping up the factory line is all fun in



Update: I forgot an important detail.


This isn’t an entry, just me being a dick (we all know this is likely to happen, so don’t be surprised) :slight_smile:


Xl2.0 betting pool