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This might be my favorite


We wish you luck threw the night :joy:


shhhh, maybe he wont notice.




I felt bad about poking fun at some guy that I haven’t even the pleasure to meet yet

But two hours later I saw this

And realized

Hot damn.
This is fun.


you guys need to stop bumping the thread god damit. im a dead man walking.


This is so damn hilarious! Some of us have to work, you know!


Maybe I should just take one of these photos and send it to James Fridman on twitter to see what he does.


It’s only cheating if you get caught


*Uses secret fake account to achieve result for fun


Any last minute submissions?


Id just like to congratulate PT on his new sponsorship image


I think @psychotiller is making his death list right now :slight_smile:


Sorry… I know it’s shitty :joy:



Oh man!!! These are funny


i like how dave is wielding the Gundam Skate Sword that i totally had nothing to do with and have been heavily drinking to forget.


Did you notice you’re in one of these photos @longhairedboy ?


its like a hidden easter egg.


there i am… on the grass… looking fabulous… meanwhile dave is still dance-floor fucking my gorilla tape and my boards are being smashed by elephants, which could never happen because we all know it takes an orlando public transit bus to smash one of my boards properly.