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This has been a crazy week! I’ll get active again soon. Taking notes on all of you.


I have a feeling we will all be in grave danger after this. Maybe next time challenge should be LHB. I already have an idea for him.


Well in for a penny in for a pound



If only it was still Jason day




Dear fantastic Dave,
I want to take this opportunity to remind you, that while your “friends” are making fun of you in the most despicable way, I have refrained from joining in or liking one of these horrendous posts.
Please remember that when I re-order from you :wink:

Your true friend,



You can’t tell but I went back and edited my photoshopped and put you inside his ass


You are just jealous of my true friendship with Dave :smiley:


Oooof 10char


Real deep.


You are upset because you are like the toxic wife and I am like the perky girlfriend :rofl:


At least I get half his stuff when we break lol


See Dave, this is what I am talking about :yum:


Not posting photos. GTFO lol


Bahahaha!! Perky!!


No way dude. Pole con sounds perfect. I like my tits and ass to sneak up on me when I’m not expecting it


Week left… nothing new in 6 days. Come on now


I think it could be a few days for the contest. I have to remember the one I had thought of for LHB for whenever it’s his turn.


alright damit @skunk you roped me into doing this. i got a 8 am class tomorrow and this the best you are getting out of me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry, dave.